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Metropolitan Lima This Tuesday, May 2, was an intense surprise drizzle. After experiencing intense heat, the people of Lima had to resort to shirts and jackets to combat the cold.

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Given this surprising situation and the fact that it still rained on the morning of Wednesday, May 3, Peruvians living in the capital are wondering how often this rain will fall in the coming days.

Drizzle in Lima: Will it repeat itself in the next few days? Thus said Senami

Regarding this, Peru’s National Meteorological and Hydrological Service (Cenamhi), through its Twitter account, indicated that light and scattered rain will fall in Lima, especially in the southern districts.

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As of now, the drizzle, which is part of the fall season, has been in Miraflores, San Ysidro, Linz, and San Miguel counties.

“Metropolitan Lima will continue to be cloudy in the morning. Meanwhile, localized rain will continue to be recorded along the north coast,” he noted Chenamhi In another post.

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Chenamhi: What is it and what is its function

Currently Peru’s Meteorological and Hydrological National Service – SENAMHI is a public implementing agency attached to the Ministry of Environment.

It began as a decentralized public organization of the Department of Defense created by DLN° 17532 of March 25, 1969, Law No. of December 14, 1984. Regulated by 24031, as amended by Act of October 25, 1999 no. Approved by 27188. Regulation of its law established on July 26, 1985 with DSN° 005-85-AE.

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SENAMHI’s mission is to develop and provide reliable, timely and accessible weather, hydrological and climate information and knowledge for the benefit of the Peruvian community.

Drizzle: What is it?

Drizzle or drizzling is a type of precipitation whose main characteristic is having a small droplet size that creates the impression that they are floating instead of falling. Precipitation is considered to be low in origin and similar to stratocumulus or stratum, with low vertical growth.

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