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Strategy and Policies of the President of El Salvador, Naeeb Bukheleto face Insecurity crisis Their country has reopened the debate on whether similar programs could be replicated in other Latin American countries.

The Salvadoran president’s formula is based on a state of exception, in which arrests and communications interception without a court order, faceless judges, and other measures are allowed. In addition, a maximum security mega-prison was built for dangerous criminals, pictures of which went around the world.

Nayeb Bugele, President of El Salvador. In March 2022, a state of emergency was established, which allows for arrest and interception of communications without a court order, among other measures. (Photo: AP)

Although Bukhel’s plan has markedly improved safety standards in a country plagued by gang violence, various international bodies have condemned abuses and human rights violations.

regional view

In El Salvador’s neighbor, Honduras, President Xiomara Castro instituted a state of emergency last December that remains in effect to this day.

Xiomara Castro, President of Honduras. Since December last year, the country has been under a state of emergency similar to El Salvador’s, which has been plagued by out-of-control gang violence. (Photo: EFE)

“We are not facing a new phenomenon, but rather a variant of the heavy-handed formula. The emergence of this type of leadership is cyclical in the region and they attract some sectors because of the short-term results they provide, because they focus on controlling and prosecuting crime, not on how to prevent it.Noam Lopez, professor of political science at Catholic University, explains.

Rafael Lopez Aliaga, Mayor of Lima. Due to the insecurity crisis, he proposed a state of emergency for Lima and Callo. He also proposed that “preventive army is present in strategic areas and police officers should be released on the streets”. (Photo: Elias Alfajme)

On the other hand, 2024 is an election year in some Latin American countries. In Argentina, where elections will be held on Sunday the 22nd of this month, candidate Patricia Bulrich supports the idea of ​​the armed forces participating in the fight against insecurity, while candidate Javier Milei proposes the privatization of prisons.

Argentina’s presidential candidate Patricia Bullrich. He proposes building “a maximum security prison in an isolated area” that would be “the ultimate destination for drug traffickers, corrupt people and murderers.” He also defends the concept of FF. AA to participate in the fight against insecurity. (Photo: AP)
Javier Millay, Argentina’s presidential candidate. He proposes that prisons should be private and that “prisoners should be self-supporting, within the prison they work to support themselves and serve their sentences.” (Photo: AFP)

In Colombia, Diego Molano, candidate for mayor of Bogotá in the elections to be held on the 29th of this month, has proposed building a building. “Mega prison especially for repeat offenders”dangerous prisoners and “Venezuelan Gangs Committing Crimes Against Colombians”.

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Diego Molano, Bogotá (Colombia) mayoral candidate. It proposes building a mega-prison “especially for repeat offenders, leaders of criminal gangs” and “Venezuelan gangs who commit crimes against Colombians who believe that Colombian law does not apply to them” (Photo: EFE)
John Topic, former presidential candidate of Ecuador. On the campaign trail, he proposed a tough line on crime. He promised that the government would take control of the prisons. He has publicly said that he admires Buchel’s “spirit and determination”. (Photo: AFP)
Former Paraguayan presidential candidate Paraguayan Cubas. He proposed capital punishment for “whoever kills for theft, who kills father or mother, who kills a woman, who rapes a minor below 14 years and who steals from the public treasury”. (Photo: AFP)

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