EFE Economic Day topics for Saturday, February 10, 2024

Agrarian struggles

MADRID – Site 6F, which has organized most of the farmers' protests this week, has called for a protest in Madrid this Saturday, which is expected to join the National Platform for Traffic Safety, which will bring together thousands of road users. Self Employed and SMEs.

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-The protests of the Spanish peasants in recent days leave a series of questions about the organizers, the ultimate objectives and the promises achieved so far.


Transporters are antagonists

MADRID – The National Platform for Transport, which brings together thousands of self-employed transporters and SMEs, plans to accept a call for an indefinite strike starting today to protest working conditions it says are “ruining” them.

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Sea transport

MADRID – Freight rates (prices for shipping by sea) rose until mid-January after attacks by Yemen's Houthi rebels against ships in the Red Sea, then fell within two to three weeks, depending on the route.



Generative AI companies

MADRID – After more than a year of analyzing the potential benefits and risks of artificial intelligence, several large Spanish companies have gone from theory to practice and integrated AI tools into their daily lives to improve productivity.

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Information agenda

17:00h.- Madrid.- Transporters protest.- Platform for the protection of the transport sector, together with farmers and ranchers, votes to freeze the action. Metropolitan Esplanade. Avenida de Luis Aragonés, 4. (Text) (Photo) (Video) (Audio)



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