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Former members of Arena Hash He will attend a tribute concert for those remembered Pedro Suarez Vertis This February 16 at San Marcos Stadium. was Patricio Suarez Vertis, Arturo Bomer Jr. and confirmed his existence. About Christian Meyer, He said that he had sent an invitation to that effect.

In an interview with Magali TV, Patricio Confirmed to exist Arturo Bomer He performed this long-awaited concert in honor of one of the rock genre's most beloved and remembered rockers.

“We've come together more than anything because it's a family issue. “Family is family and family comes first.”said the interpreter at the disco bar.

about being Arturo Bomer Jr. It is guaranteed and confirmed that on Christian Meyer He said that he had already sent an invitation to that effect and was waiting for his reply.

TROME – Cynthia Martinez and Patricio Christian pay tribute to the absence of the mayor: “Priority for Pedro”

Cynthia Martinez has not ruled out a mini-series or movie about Pedro Suárez Vertis

Cynthia Martinez, widow Pedro Suarez Vertis, National did not rule out that a miniseries or movie about the rocker's life could be made later. In addition, she invited all her husband's fans to a concert in memory of him at the San Marcos Stadium on February 16, with Patricio Suarez Vertis and Arturo Bomer Jr

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