Elections Turkey 2023 | Recep Tayyip Erdogan vs Kemal Kilicdaroglu: Who won Turkey’s election? | Erdoğan did not reach 50% of the vote and will have to go to a second round with Kılışateroğlu | the world

Despite the economic crisis Turkey itselfA critique of the wear and tear of 20 years of dictatorship and his handling of the devastating earthquake in February, Recep Tayyip Erdogan He maintained his electoral traction in today’s presidential election and will look to retake the position in a runoff in less than two weeks.

With the counting of votes still underway, amid allegations of manipulation by the opposition Social Democratic Party, Erdoğan won by a narrow margin, but lost the absolute majority he won in 2014 and was reassessed in 2018.

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The number of different media is not yet official Gives 49.5% of the votes to the head of stateFour points more than the candidate of the opposition bloc, which combines social democrats, nationalists and Islamists, Kemal Kilicdaroglu.

However, this data is based on a survey facilitated by parties and disseminated by the media, and not based on official figures. Election Commission, It has been slow to introduce votes into the system.

Actually, his own Clikdaroglu He denounced Erdogan’s party, the AKP, as “constantly challenging voting records and obstructing the system”.

Several party leaders have assured that once all the votes are counted, the opposition candidate will be ahead.

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Erdoganbefore that President He, who was prime minister between 2003 and 2014, has raised the elections as a test of the country’s survival, warning that if the opposition wins, it will make a deal with Kurdish terrorists, plunge Turkey into chaos and hesitate Western economic and political interests.

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The ResistanceFor his part, he promised to reverse the loss of rights and freedoms and clean up an economy badly hit by the devaluation of the lira and high inflation.

sure, Today’s elections are a poll on Erdogan’s popularity. The 69-year-old is the most powerful president since the founding of modern Turkey in 1923.

The result defied most polls predicting a victory for Kilicadaroglu and his promise to re-democratize the country and bring it closer to Western values ​​while maintaining ties with Russia.

Reports of mismanagement and delays in rescue efforts and aid to victims of earthquakes that devastated the southeast of the country last February, killing 50,000 people, have not hurt the president’s popularity either.

In general, in the worst-hit area, Erdogan and his allies have not lost favor.

If the result is officially confirmed, The current president and candidate Klişateroğlu will meet again in two weeksOnly this time and without the endorsement of a third candidate, Sinan Ogan, he was at 5% today.

Regarding the parliamentary elections that will be held today, A.K.P and their ultra-nationalist allies won 42% of the vote and 324 seats, allowing them to retain an absolute majority in parliament.

Overall, only the AKP had the worst result in its history.

The opposition coalition won 211 seats and the progressive and pro-Kurdish HDP 65 seats.

Despite their declining electoral support, the AKP and Erdogan have not lost any of the fourteen electoral nominations, including municipal, parliamentary, presidential and referendums held since 2002, when the Islamist organization came to power.

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