Technology drives efficiency in Scania’s parts system

To meet the demand for preventive and corrective maintenance of the fleet in circulation in Mexico, Scania Mexico It has a central spare parts warehouse located in Querétaro, from which parts are distributed to workshops throughout the country. As of today, the assembly company has a service level of at least 95 percent.

“We have more than 18,500 part numbers in the central warehouse, with which we guarantee availability and support our entire team so that customers have their spare parts on time,” explained Mahelet Jimenez Molina, national logistics manager, in an interview for T21. Scania Mexico.

To solve the cycle of spare parts, Scania México receives two to three containers per week at the port of Veracruz and, if necessary, they also carry out shipments by air.

“What we are looking for is to fly as little as possible, regardless of the cost, due to sustainability issues. We have tried to solve the demand with our maritime exports, and the air exports are only non-circulating spare parts, focusing on the issue of customer service”, Jiménez Molina shared.

The availability of these spare parts, together with its own model of workshops, has led to the Swedish brand having around 90% of its units serviced in Scania workshops. However, it does not ignore the remaining 10%, as customers without agreed maintenance policies can purchase original spare parts with warranty so that the carriers’ investment is not at risk.

Scania has a spare parts collection and destruction program to guarantee parts used for equipment repair and maintenance. Reverse logisticsHeaded by Logistics Area.

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“We carry out an audit to ensure that the remanufactured parts are not used in repairs, and we ship them back to Europe by ship, adhering to the brand’s sustainability objectives,” explains Jiménez Molina.

Likewise, for Scania Technology is a powerful tool for smart maintenanceAs the number of vehicles grows, the brand increases the number of spare parts to meet the needs of the units.

“Thanks to the technical equipment that the trucks are equipped with, we know the moment they need some maintenance and we know what kind of spare part or consumable is needed. We can learn how the consumption of spare parts will move to major repairs in the coming years,” explained Jiménez Molina.

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