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In this way, MINSA, through the Directorate of Integrated Health Networks (TRIS) in central Lima, announced 62 first-level care institutions participating in the National Prevention Week Inspection Peru in this jurisdiction.

These points offer nutritional assessment services, prenatal care, micronutrient administration, sexual and reproductive health counseling, mental health screening, sexually transmitted diseases, cervical cancer, breast screening, vaccination, dental care, etc.

In addition, people can timely diagnose preventable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, tuberculosis, cardiovascular, oncology, kidney, syphilis, hypothyroidism, obstetric and neonatal risks.

National Prevention Week kicks off this Monday 15 May to Sunday 21 May. The health centers are functional from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM. I am., while the Health posts from 8:00 AM to 02:00 PM. I am.

Tris Lima Center Health Institutions:

Lima Valley:

Conde de la Vega, Juan Perez Carranza, Mirones, Mirones Bajo, San Sebastian, neighborhood segment no. 3, Villa Maria Perpetuo Socorro health centers, as well as the Jardin Rosa de Santa Maria, Palermo, Rescate and Santa Rosa health posts.


Prena and Sacra Colorado Health Centers.

San Miguel:

San Miguel Health Center and Huaca Bando Health Post.

Jesus is Mary:

Jesus Maria Health Center

Ocean Cupcakes:

Magdalena Maternal and Child Health Center.


Lynx Health Centre.


Santa Cruz de Miraflores Health Center.


San Atanacio de Pedregal, Surquillo Maternity and Child Health Centers and Villa Victoria Porvenir.

San Isidro:

San Ysidro Health Center.


Clas Cerro El Pino Health Post, El Pino Health Centers, El Porvenir Maternal and Child Health Centers, Max Arias Schreiber and San Cosme.

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Saint Louis:

San Luis Health Center.

Borja’s dream:

San Juan Mias Health Post and Todos Los Santos de San Borja Health Center.

St. John of Luricancho:

Health Centers Water Box, Camboy, Charilla de Otero, La Huerona, La Libertad, Mancomarca, San Fernando, Santa Fe of Todorita, Santa Rosa of Lima, Zarate, Bayover, Ganymede, Huascar III, Huascar XV, Miraculous, October 10 ; Cross of Motube, Henry Montenegro, Jaime Zubieta, Jose Carlos Mariadegui and His Holiness John Blablo II. In addition, health posts Tupac Amaru II, Marshal Caceres, Jose Carlos Mariategui V level, Cesar Vallejo, Holy Family, Special Projects, Ayacucho, Daniel Alcides Carrión, Azcarrunz Alto and 15 de Enero.

At the national level, you can review the list of the following health centers that will be implemented by the week Chequéate Peru:

What diseases should be prevented or diagnosed?

Through this, it seeks timely diagnosis of preventable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, tuberculosis, HIV, cardiovascular, oncological and renal diseases, syphilis, hypothyroidism, maternal and neonatal risks and risk of mental illnesses.

According to Minsa, 48% of people do not seek care in the health system even when they have a symptom or illness. Of this number, 8% do not do so because of lack of money, 17% because of distance, 23% because they do not receive quality care, 34% use home remedies or self-medication, and 44% do so. I don’t think it’s necessary.

It is a national intervention It aims to ensure comprehensive quality and timely access to health services for the peopleStrengthening the concept of caring for people with the participation of all actors of the National Health System.

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Each Geresa, Diresa, Diris and health institutions will form multidisciplinary teams to define intervention strategies in each region. Additionally, coordinate with community leaders to reach out to different regional areas.

The day is run Mainly for those without pre-existing disease and those who do not visit health institutions for various personal reasons, as well as those insured with unsatisfied claims.

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