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In the middle of a bridge that resembles a war scene, Lt. Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) comes face to face with Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker). All three had just been saved from death, but it was the first – the authority of the law – who, pointing to a large metal box lying beside him, said to his 'enemies': “You know I can't allow that. Go away. That's not my style. They're 24 hours a day.” I think they earned it, but the money is still there.

Thirteen years ago, those who attended the premiere of “Fast and Furious 5” couldn't help but laugh as they watched the screen slowly reveal that a vault taken from police headquarters in Rio de Janeiro was actually empty. out loud . The 'Dome' crew had done it again! A mask of Hobbes chewing on that minimal defeat is interspersed with images of Toretto and his friends exchanging one box for another in the middle of a determined chase. Earn millions of dollars with this.

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It is not new in cinema to explain how the source of a group of cunning bandits, after achieving their goal, made it possible. But at the time, like so many other shows that have seen the “Fast and Furious” saga smash the box office in America and the rest of the world for more than 20 years, it really worked. were. However, this franchise is not the only mechanism for successful replication. There is also the idea of ​​the leader of the group (Diesel Toretto in this case), selecting members of the 'chosen family' or 'gang' according to their respective abilities (Ludacris, for example, is a hacker).

But if there are movies and even more stories that have successfully implemented the manual, there are others that have failed miserably in this endeavor. Not necessarily because of a lack of revenue or views on streaming in current times, but because everything was so clear during its execution that it was the exact opposite of the effect reported at the beginning of this note.

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A good example of this is “hang up Robbery in the first degree“, the new race Netflix In the summer of 2024. While it's clear from the cast that the intent is to capture the masses (Kevin Hart leads the way, Kuku Mbatha-Raw and Vincent D'Onofrio accompany him and Ursula Carpero makes her way), below, we'll try to test the same results or comparison with “Fast and Furious” 5 Repeating the usual manual to explain why the alternative you decide on doesn't work.

F. Directed by Gary Gray — yes, the director of “Fast and Furious 8,” but also the notable “Straight Outa Compton” — the film tells the story of a group of art thieves led by Cyrus ((Kevin Hart) From the beginning, he had one mission in mind: steal Van Gogh from hiding in London. To this end, they devise a strategy: pretend to steal an NFT (which takes several minutes on Google to find and understand its true meaning) from a young artist identified as N8 (Jacob Batalon). The latter is under the watchful eye and patience of Abby (Kuku Mbatha-Ra), an Interpol officer in charge of the Cultural Heritage Division.

The chemistry between Kevin Hart and Gugu Mbatha-Raw is not exactly captured. (Photo: Netflix)

If anything proudLift” is your budgeting ability. In addition to the most famous members of its cast, there is a very ambitious technical scene that offers beautiful scenes in Venice, London, Brussels and more. In one of these cities, precisely, Cyrus and his crew partake in what may be the best thing about the film's 104-minute duration: the sea chase. Then we see a majestic Venice that allows us to flee (and be chased) in beautiful yachts at full speed. A luxurious hunt, whose motto is “We recover works of art from unworthy owners”.

Calling the hero of the film is Kevin Hart, who has been with Netflix for two or three years (“A Very True Story”, “Being a Father”, “Time for Me”, “The Man from Toronto”), and the story depends on two companies. The first is his team of 'thieves'. Second, Abby, an officer who had some kind of connection with him some time ago.

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Each person has the power to compare features”Lift” along with his other favorite 'heist' movies, but F. Gary Gray's film also has an expert crew of some sort. Chief Cyrus is joined by pilot Camila (Ursula Carpero); Mi Sun (Yoon Ji Kim) is a hacker; Magnus (Billie Magnussen) is a vault expert. The aforementioned D'Onofrio Denton is a master of disguise. Finally, Luke (Vivek Kalra) is the engineer of the team. Sure, everyone has a personality, quirks and specific gestures, but the script doesn't seem too hasty in developing them.

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While the van Gogh heist seems perfect, Cyrus and his crew unexpectedly end up on the ropes. Here's another resource already used in the Diesel saga or one you'd like. To clear their criminal record, gangs have to do a 'little job' for the authorities. In this case, Interpol wants Cyrus and company to steal $500 billion in gold bars owned by millionaire Lars Jorgensen (a cool but less exploitative Jean Reno) who supports dangerous terrorist activities. The action moves from sea to air.

Kevin Hart in his first Netflix movie 2024. More to come.

Accustomed to filling arenas hosting his famous stand-up, Kevin Hart Little by little he has tried to make his way in the film industry. Through films that highlight him alone, mainly comedies, he has starred in dramas, dark films like “A Very True Story”, family films like “Being a Father” (2021) or perhaps action films like “”. A man from Toronto. perhaps”Lift” Nothing more than exploring the thesis that the Philadelphia native filters out the best alone or with a partner, but fades among large groups.

In Gary Gray's film, Hart tries to lead a group, but his somewhat timid appearance makes him seem like one of the others. Sometimes he is seen giving orders, suggestions and instructions, but of course the actor and the producer are more comfortable on the other side. Almost naturally divorced from the 'strategist' image that Diesel or Cruise would own in the “Mission Impossible” saga – a team in charge of a money heist like “Money Heist,” Hart was also tapped for a script. When his character, Cyrus, urges his friends in the band to leave the project “to protect its integrity,” the moment they all agree to disavow their support turns out to be one of the most unbelievable moments seen in years.

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“Elevator” full main cast. (Photo: Netflix)

If you agree to continue the movie, the break is enough to check out the action choreography and special effects.Lift“They meet the minimum required to transform a new era 'blockbuster' project.

There is also something to be said for the role of the actors who accompany the protagonist. Gugu Mbatha-Raw is more descriptive than Hart in any situation. In turn, Vincent D'Onofrio may remember this role as the least significant of his resume. For her part, Úrsula Corberó – enriched in the memory of millions by the famous series “La casa de papel” – can extract more than her colleagues from such a light film. First as a boat pilot, then as an airline pilot, the Catalan actress speaks little, but always finds a way to express her personality, raising her voice, speaking in Spanish (“I'm going to give you a hell!”) and, of course, a blow on the deserving one. Throwing.

It will be the most watched thing on Netflix in January and will enter the most popular charts in 2024. However, “hang up Robbery in the first degree“Fast and Furious” has a series of flaws that are the opposite of all the best movies in history. Its original script, the weak chemistry exhibited by its protagonists (Cyrus and Abby), the interesting secondary characters, although underutilized like Jorgensen, do nothing but damage its final rating, making it an unforgettable 104-minute experience in front of the television.

Lift. Robbery in the first degree/netflix

Straight upR: F. Gary Gray

List: Kevin Hart, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Vincent D'Onofrio, Ursula Carpero, Billy Magnussen

Summary: An international gang of thieves led by Cyrus Whittaker (Kevin Hart) is about to make a big hit: steal 500 million gold from a passenger plane… 12,000m above sea level!

Duration: 104 minutes

Gender: Action, Comedy

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