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  • This will be a free event at Villa Maria.
  • It will provide tools to improve the business.
  • It will also address aspects of computer crime prevention.

The Government of Cordoba invites through the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining and Science and Technology Practice About “Artificial Intelligence and Cyber ​​Security*, Aimed at Businessmen, Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs.

Training will continue Thursday, May 11 at 6:00 p.m. It contains Villa Maria Civic Center (Mendoza 2154).

The purpose of the meeting is to inform about the latest technology trends, provide tools to increase business growth and how to avoid becoming victims of computer crimes.

The initiative will include research papers on Nahuel de PauloTechnology entrepreneurs, and Martin Dominguez, FAMAF researcher; Who will address the theme of “Artificial Intelligence”.

while, Ignacio FavreauSecurity Analyst at Onapsis INC, and Martian population, founder of ACCEF; will be responsible for disclosure about”Cyber ​​Security”,

How to participate

Interested candidates can fill the following and register form https://forms.gle/35j7KDpEsagzjmUSA .

The format is face-to-face and places are limited.

Arrangement: Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mines, Ministry of Science and Technology, Technical University of Villa Maria Delegation, AI.NODO, Science-Industry Cooperation Space for Artificial Intelligence Research and Development; and CSIRT, the Computer Security Incident Response Team of the Argentine Ministry of Defense.

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