Espinoza’s expulsion from Action Popular: “JNE and ROP are not going to allow it” | Peru

Yesterday’s game A popular act It agreed to the removal of six legislators investigated by the Public Ministry “Children” caseAfter disciplinary action against them was initiated last August.

These are Raul Dorotio, Elvis Vergara, Jorge Flores, Darwin EspinosaIlyich Lopez and John Carlos Morey.

The General Secretary of the Committee, Edmundo del AguilaCongress will be informed of the decision today, with Espinosa, Vergara, Flores and Dorotio no longer joining its bench, it said.

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In this regard, Espinosa announced that he would appeal to the Department of Justice to annul the decision issued by the first chamber of the disciplinary court of his party.

According to him, the expulsion of him and the five other legislators under investigation will not proceed because the electoral bodies will not allow for a series of irregularities.

“This will not continue because JNE and ROP are not going to allow this. These abuses are being done and we are already preparing our documents to appeal to the judicial authorities. “The man (Edmondo del Aguila) wants to make a circus out of this”signaled to the RPP.

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He says he was never allowed to provide his security

The legislator questioned that Popular Action never allowed him to provide his respective security, and criticized del Aguila’s work as the group’s president.

Darwin Espinosa accused Popular Action General Secretary Edmundo del Águila of pulling a circus by removing him from the party. Photo: Jesús Saucedo / @photo.gec

Espinoza insisted that his party officials implement it “The Absent Figure” to harm him.

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“They have issued a resolution to six Congressmen. Does the resolution allow for six legislators? This is unprecedented and Mr. Edmundo Del Aguila’s far from reality only occurs in the head, because the man wants to communicate with Congress so that we can leave the bench. It has no effect within Parliament. “My combativeness is not determined on the bench”He pointed out.

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