Former FIFA Referee Reveals Which Ligue 1 Club Paid Referee For 10,000 Soles To Win Their Match | Fernando Chapel | Deportivo Carcilazo | game

Fernando Chappell provided more details on the purchase of referees and the arrangement of duels in Ligue 1. Photo: Capture from Radio Excitosa | Capture/Successful Radio

With each passing day, more information and protagonists involved in match-fixing are starting to emerge. A few days ago, former FIFA referee Fernando Chappell announced that there were several referees who came forward to fix the results. However, they initially indicated that this had happened Liga 2 Y Peru CupNow he mentioned that there was a painting at last The man, who plays in Ligue 1, bought the referee for 10,000 per match in the highest division of Peruvian football..

In a conversation with 'Exitosa Deportes', Chappell insisted that the arrangement was for a match. Final match Last season between Cuzco and Union Comercio, so the First benefiting from Judge Daniel Uretta To qualify for the current edition of the Copa Sudamericana.

According to Chappell, which club paid 10,000 soles?

within the conversation'successful game', Fernando Chappell said that in the coming days he will present an organizational chart to investigate this match-fixing network, which has featured former referees such as Victor Hugo Carrillo. In addition, he insisted that there was someone in particular who fixed matches with the Union Comercio

“Unión Comercio has a lot to explain, there's another team from Cuzco, I have the audios for that,” announced Fernando Chappell, who later added that their last match in the imperial city was match-fixed at 10,000 feet. After being asked about the specific team he bought from the referee, Chappell said it was Deportivo Carcilaço.

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Last year, a Carcilazo leader gave the referee 10,000 soles in support of him in a match against Comercio (10/22/2023). I have vouchers and proofs. One date buys Comercio, another GarcilasoFernando Chappell added.

After this, the former referee revealed the following: “All these people, started by Returdo, who earned a lot of money for more than two decades, should give a lot of accounts to the country. Turning the tables on Sunat, they received money from outside and for many years they provided outdated, non-existent documents; but otherwise In other words, they put it in the South American Federation to evade taxes.”

Deportivo Garcilaso spoke about alleged match-fixing

The Inca team were spoken out on their social networks after they were accused of paying referee Daniel Ureta 10,000 soles to benefit them in a match against Union Comercio.

“Considering the spread of information involving our company, we make it clear that the club will initiate investigations into the information disclosed in various media and take appropriate measures to protect the image of our company.

We reject all curious information that seeks to tarnish the image of our company, which is now excelling in professional football and Conmebol Sudamericana on its own merits.

“We invite public opinion to review the said match and verify that all our decisions were due to actual game performance, which is why we reject any routine action,” it said.

Report of the Cuzco Committee. Photo: Deportivo Carcilazo

Which other referees are involved in match fixing?

In a conversation with ATV Noticias, Fernando Chapel He admitted the names of referees involved in match-fixing in both the Peru Cup and Ligue 2.

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“The evidence is related to documents, audios and videos. By mistake, Carmen Returda mentioned that there are 5 referees, 2 referees have already evaluated them and found nothing, and 3 are under evaluation, almost 2 years of corruption and no response,” he pointed out at the beginning.

“There is another case where an assistant was ordered to help the end of a match because the first league's referees' panel indicated that they agreed with some teams. Ulises Ureta reported the case to Manuel Carré's commission, but unfortunately in the meantime Conor was threatened by James Humani and Josue Ciriaco to reach the office.” Chappell said, adding that the assistant was unable to authenticate the complaint.

Alianza Lima players talk about Ligue 1 referees

After Alianza Lima's heavy loss against Cienciano, Carlos Zambrano He appeared at a press conference to show his discomfort with the verdict, as he believes the jury verdicts are harming them day by day.

“There are very bad plays. This is not an excuse, but we suffer. We hope that this will change for the benefit of the Peruvian competition. In order for Peruvian football to grow, steps must be taken quickly to benefit everyone. The teams.” , he informed the media.

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