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In a Mother’s Day tribute, Johnny Carpincho and his mother remembered the beloved traveling comedian and starred in an emotional moment.

Miguel Angel Campos, known as ‘La Bibi’, is one of the most recognized street comedians of recent years. As many may remember, the character died of a heart attack in 2020 after contracting Covid-19. Since then, Miguel Ángel has always been remembered by his peers, even when paying tribute on Mother’s Day.

At the last Giron del comedy show, the comedians performed a theme where they paid tribute to their mothers and dedicated some tender words to them.

TROME | Giron del Comedy: ‘La Bibi’s’ mother remembers her son

His mother could be seen among the public Johnny Capybara, who is the brother of ‘La Bibi’. When the two came together, they did not hesitate to offer some kind words to their deceased relative and wept emotionally.

The mother, for her part, was very grateful to the channel, as she assures that they always give their children a chance to show their talent.

Likewise, Capybara tried to hide his tears by making some jokes about his brother. At the end, the tender scene ended with applause from the audience who fondly remembered the beloved Michelangelo.

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