What to do at Astronomy Camp in Ajusko

What to do at Astronomy Camp in Ajusko

On the hill I’ll fix itIn CDMX, A Astronomy camp This includes observing celestial bodies, learning from experts and, as if that weren’t enough, exploring some. Volcanic caves descends Rappel.

In this Aventura Children to adults can participate.

Astro Camp is organized in association with Xtreme Mountain Ajusco (XTMA). Science and universe with Adrenaline.

Being Space And its greatness unites the main theme, the camp experts It will teach you how to use it TelescopeIdentify constellations and tell interesting facts about the universe and celestial bodies.

These are the words of conversation…

  • ‘Recognition Eco system‘, taught by the teacher in science and Biologist From UNAM, Hugo Larrañaga.
  • ‘Mechanism and recognition Constellations‘, to him Engineer Geologist, science communicator and professor at UNAM, Rafael Avalos.
  • ‘The human body Space‘, to him Doctor and science popularizer, Luis Avalos.
  • The last talk is still pending, but organizers hope that may be about it Survival In the woods, using location.

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A touch of adrenaline and adventure is added to the visit Caves of Xitle Volcano, also in Ajusko. Here, you will have the opportunity to explore and practice three of them Rappel About 12 meters in free fall.

This is caves, Thousands of years old, formed by a massive eruption that unleashed rivers Lava what, Over time, they formed underground ‘cylinders’ that solidified and can now be explored.

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This is Camp It is scheduled for Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 May. There will be space Cumbres del Ajusco National Park and meeting place: Camino Viejo al Maninal 72, Amblacion San Miguel Ajusco, Tlalban, Mexico City.

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He Start It is scheduled at 3:30 PM on Saturday and ends around 5:00 PM on Sunday.

He cost Access to the camp is $750 pesos and $700 per person Students (from any institution), children and the elderly.

Your payment including: Parking, camping area, bathroom, kitchen and grill (you can bring your own food), activities Astronomical activities like night vision, bonfire, rappel to caves XitleEquipment loan, guided tour for this activity.

It is recommended to bring your own Gaza of Propaganda, warm and comfortable clothing. You can bring your own binoculars or DSLR camera and consult. They are not needed Prior knowledge Astronomy, rappelling, camping or speleology.

Information and bookings on Facebook: ‘Astro Camp’.

Via Whatsapp: (56) 2467 2785 or (55) 6817 5629.

Mail: [email protected].

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