Great Mission Samba Juvenil Scholarship, September 2023: How to collect today via Sistema Patria?

Funding for unemployed youth started on Monday 18 September. All the details are here.

Great Mission Scholarship- In Samba Juvenile: Learn How To Collect Bonus | Photo: Libero Mix

RELATED PAYMENTS Scholarship of Great Samba Youth Mission They launched on Monday, September 18, benefiting the people of Venezuela. If you fulfill the requirements to get this benefit, now you have the chance to get the amount PS 185,60 or USD 5,51.

As it is known, this bonus is part of the social movement “Somos Venezuela”, which was created at the initiative of the Nicolás Maduro regime. With the sole objective of strengthening the momentum of policies emerging from the administration.

Below we provide all the information related to this benefit Adding jobs correctly.

What is Great Mission Scholarship at Samba Juvenile?

This economic support is a monthly creation by Patria organization. Everything is done to create one New labor organization Targeted at youth between 15 to 35 years National card holders.

Great Samba Youth Mission

How to register for Gran Misión Chamba Juvenil?

  • Enter the Samba Juvenil registration website
  • Fill in the requested information (Nationality, Email, Identification Number, etc.).
  • Click on ‘Register’
  • Select the ‘Job’ option and select the job you wish to join
  • Please wait to be contacted to continue the registration process.

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