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He says he conducted the search as a precaution after a colleague at his company experienced a similar situation. Become an active member of the armed forces and join the political system. And the police, this is a serious violation; This will immediately lead to a ‘de rigueur arrest’ which will hamper any promotion process and may even result in expulsion from the serving institution.

“I said I didn’t lose anything by trying. I entered my ID (on the JNE website) and I was surprised that I was also affiliated with a party. I was surprised. There are many people who are probably unknown in these registers,” he questions from the north of the country.

In San Juan de Lurigancho, Diane, a 34-year-old economist, has almost the same story. In his case, with ten years of experience in various PSUs, he was barred from joining a political group as he was in an examination at the Comptroller’s Office in August last year. But after a tip from someone close to him, he realized that he had been listed as a terrorist We are Peru.

“I was sure I wasn’t registered. He said to me ‘This happened to a friend, so I suggest you check it out’. I said how strange… I went in to check, I put in my ID and sure enough, it came out that I was in a game,” he said. This newspaper said.

Diane also assures that she does not subscribe to any register of a political organization. He only remembers signing a form in the center of Lima in mid-2019 to ratify a law against animal abuse. He remembers it well because he says it was not for any political agenda, he was against the management in the parties.

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But that Only a few of the more than 6,600 citizens who have been inducted into a regional party or movement in the last fifteen years without their consent.Trade Accessed the report of contacts made at Registration of Political Organizations (ROP) Due to “improper connection”. That is, citizens who felt they had been irregularly included in a group were found to be correct following the entire administrative process.

According to a study conducted by this newspaper, From January 2008 to August this year, 6,450 irregular affiliations were associated with political parties nationally; 229 cases involved regional movements.

With 1,780 cases, the ranking is led by the historic Popular Christian Party (PPC), which lost registration in 2021 and is currently in the process of returning to the party system.

It followed, with 1,452, the Peruvian Nationalist Party, the group that brought Ollanda Humala to the presidency, now defunct; In third place, with 1,105 cases, is the traditional Peruvian Aprista party, which was abolished in 2021 but recently achieved its reorganization.

This is a problem that has been going on for years. For example, in 2012, journalist and TV presenter Monica Delta was known to be irregularly registered with the PPC, shortly after returning to Peru after living abroad for several years. “I returned to Peru and I was surprised that it appeared in a register; I protested publicly,” he said. Trade.

I am a journalist who has always believed that I should not be associated with anything, open letters, statements, go to marches, and have nothing to do with any political party. . Not before, not now, and neither will I. “It’s a question of journalistic policy,” he insisted.

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Over the past 15 years, an average of 417 contacts have been registered in JNE each year, from parties and regional movements, due to improper affiliation. However, historical parties are not the only ones involved in the misuse of citizen data.

So far in 2023 alone, for example, 58 complaints have been made specifically about matches; 22 of them got their registration and belonged to groups recognized by JNE in the same year. These are cases reported in Democratic Green Parties, Modern Peru, Patriotic Party of Peru, PRIN, Peru Action, United Democratic Party of Peru and Fe in Peru.

Points of view

Electoral affairs expert Alejandro Rospigliosi said “this shows the urgent need to disclose the list of militants to political parties”; Also, by meeting the minimum number of members required for registration or “displaying militancy which they lack,” the organizations “commit an offense against public trust as set forth in the Penal Code.”

According to Rospigliosi, to avoid these difficulties, the filters in the JNE should be augmented by the Register of Political Organizations (ROP). “Why is it a crime? By falsehood, it tells the general administration that such a citizen is being annexed in his absence. There are two victimized parties, JNE on one hand and the citizen on the other, from whom they are taking personal data and stealing his identity,” he told this newspaper.

The expert also opined that this proves that the political reform carried out in 2019 (which made subsidiaries a requirement to register a company) was “incomplete and imperfect”. Data from irregular format.

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Lawyer José Manuel Villalobos has a different opinion, saying that “a lock” was put with the reform because, by presenting the fighters to register an organization, they were compared by Reniec through the contract with JNE previously. .

According to him, precisely because of this verification, these improper merger cases should be reduced compared to previous years when even factory of false signatures were reported.

“Before, in fact, there was a list of followers who were not members to record what they verified, and then the parties sent their list of members (combatants). But they did not pass the thorough sifting that the party register goes through now,” Villalobos noted.

“It’s not completely eliminated,” he noted, adding that “the possibility of falsifying associated signatures is significantly reduced.” He added that it was imperative that Renick remain in charge of verifying signatures, which should be backed by a formal law and not a treaty.

Trade He advised on the steps being taken by JNE to prevent improper incorporation of citizens. But, no response was received.

More info

  • All citizens consulted for this report indicated that they had not informed the prosecutor’s office of the use of their identity and that they were only in an administrative process.
  • A crime against public trust is punishable by Peruvian law with a prison sentence of two to ten years.

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