Greissy Ortega Italo Villaseca works cleaning floors in America to support his children: “Without shame” | Italo Villaseca VIDEO trcm | programs

Greissy Ortega revealed her plan to return to Peru with her three children within two months, but without the company of her husband Ítalo Villaseca. Milena Jared’s younger sister explained that her situation in America does not allow her to work because her main responsibility is to take care of her children, leaving the family finances in the exclusive hands of her husband.

At times, the young mother noted that her husband worked in the construction industry in the United States and took on additional temporary jobs: “He wants to raise his three children and I have chosen to support him.”

In the difficult situation he is going through, Ítalo Villaseca revealed what his current job is: he works as a janitor and cleans the floor.

“Here we all have a purpose, dreams, goals to achieve. Not ashamed of what they say, I feel grateful to my God every day for giving me the gift of life. Life is one and I will make the most of it. The past and history and the present are a gift and the future is uncertain.” Remember.

DROME – Creasy’s husband hires his kids to clean floors in US: “Shameless”

Greissy Ortega announced her return to Peru after Milena Zárate’s complaint.

Gracie Ortega In contact with the program “Magali TV: La Firme”, he announced that he would return to Peru, despite his sister’s complaint. Milena Zarate.

The Colombian woman said she is leaving the United States because the country has yet to find stability.

“I have a child and I can’t leave her with a stranger. I have to take care of them and they don’t let me work.Magali said Ortega for the cameras.

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