Saab offers Gripen E, RBS-70 NG and Giraffe 1X radar on site

Swedish manufacturer Chap has presented its products in the ninth edition of the exhibition SittefIn Lima, Peru, highlights the fighter Cribbon EIn the next iteration of the anti-aircraft system RBS-70The RBS-70 OF (RBS-70 NG has a range of 9 km and an altitude of up to 5 km, i.e., can hit targets flying up to 5 km altitude and a distance of 9 km) and in the surveillance radar. Giraffe 1XA light and mobile solution, a range of 75 kilometers to detect aircraft.

Saab showed a large mock-up of its stand at Sitdef 2023 Cribbon EA copy RBS-70 OF One part was related to a shooting simulator in which a company operator demonstrated the effectiveness of an anti-aircraft defense system in a virtual combat flight simulator with a range of five kilometers. Cribbon E It gave a profound experience.

hunting Cribbon E

In service with Swedish Air ForceAlong with the Czech Republic, Hungary, South Africa and Thailand Gribben C/THe Cribbon E It will be done in Sweden and Brazil, its only export clients so far.

For weapons system development GrippenThe Swedish government and Saab have agreed to certain performance parameters for the fighter, such as being able to operate from at least one kilometer straight of a typical Swedish road, allowing the fighter jets to be spread over multiple locations in the European country. The combat event prevents us from falling victim to the inevitable attack on air bases and removing this valuable air combat from the equation early in a hypothetical conflict.

Ease of maintenance is also an important factor. A small team dynamic supervised by a certified technician can take care of such needs. The manufacturer also wanted the fighter to be able to quickly return to flight for a new combat mission from a highway base and to be able to change the engine very quickly.

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The operating cost of the weapon system should also be low and has been met. However, taking into account Brazil’s claimed figures makes 36 units Cribbon E, is enough technology transfer to connect a significant number of aircraft in Brazil. It is not a cheap system as far as acquisition cost is concerned.

He Grippen It was conceived, designed and manufactured for the hostile geographical area of ​​northern Sweden with long winters and large unpopulated areas, some of which are within the Arctic Circle. As Saab points out, the decision to build the Gripen was made in 1982 and its first flight took place in 1988. A transient design, with a fly-by-wire structure, with composite materials. In August 2014, Brazil and Saab signed a contract for 36 fighter jets (28 single-seaters and eight two-seaters) at a cost of $5.4 billion, including $245.3 million for the fighter’s armament. On the 5th of this month, the 5th and 6th Gripen e arrived in Brazil, the same day the final assembly line opened in the city of Cavio Peixoto, in the province of São Paulo.

Giraffe 1X

Saab developed radar Giraffe 1X Better situational awareness of troops on land and at sea as a means to support agile decision-making is essential to the success of missions. Compared to other competing radars with similar performance, Saab points out that they weigh 1.5 metric tons. Giraffe 1X It weighs only 150 kilograms and can be easily integrated into small boats and highly mobile ground vehicles.

Radar Giraffe 1X It can detect aircraft up to 75 kilometers away and is also effective against missiles and mortar shells. It involves a function drone tracker, It uses specific classification algorithms that allow it to detect small drones and distinguish them from other flying objects such as birds. It is a modular, software-based system that can be upgraded very easily.

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Short Range Air Defense System RBS-70 OF It is considered high quality. It is effective at distances of up to nine kilometers and five kilometers high, firing missiles that move towards the target. Mac 2It has a reload time of less than five seconds after the objective is cleared, its operator has high-resolution thermal images that operate day and night, and footage is recorded on video for later review.

He Army Brazil made the first Test shots with RBS-70 OF In 2019. Weapon system RBS-70 It has been in service in Brazil since 2014 and was used to provide security for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

A virtual demonstration of the firing of the RBS-70 NG anti-aircraft system at Sitdef 2023. Photo: Peter Watson

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