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Every year, there are many people who decide to immigrate to America for a better future; However, it is necessary to take into account that if certain measures are not complied with in the North American country, the traveler may have problems with the immigration authorities and, in the worst case, may be deported.

This is exactly what happened Ignacio de LucaA man from Lanus, ArgentinaShe took to her social media to share the drama she experienced when she landed in Miami.

“The main idea was to go and raise money to get and pay for Italian citizenship, but it didn’t go as expected”The young man made the revelation while talking to media persons .

As he said, he had already been in America for more than five months, but He had to return to his country because “he was illegal” if he stayed too long..

Thus, he stayed in Buenos Aires for six months, and after the time required to return, he bought a plane and booked a hotel in Orlando; However, when he believed he had achieved his goal of entering the United States, local authorities began questioning him.

“When I arrived in Miami, I went through the immigration line and they started asking me the classic questions: If I was coming for the first time, how much money did I bring”He recalled. “I told the man attending me that I had been there for more than five months. He confirmed it with the computer and asked me if I had worked in America. I said no. He asked me how I supported myself for so long without working..

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The viral story of a young Latino deported from the United States

“They made me enter the office where I was attended to by a woman who asked questions like her colleague. She finally said she didn’t believe me. Many people were traveling to stay in America”he added. “They were convinced that he had gone to work before. I didn’t give up, I denied everything. There I worked in a clothes shop, in white, not like I was on a tour. The visa was valid and I was not illegal”.

After this exchange, Ignacio assures them that they asked for his cell phone to verify it. They promised him that if he “missed nothing,” they would let him.

“They felt me, measured me, weighed me, cut the laces of some sneakers and a jacket. They asked if the cell phone was new. They even asked me when I bought it. I replied that I had brought it from my previous trip. What happened was that they saw something on my cell phone. It was empty. They found out.He pointed out.

A few minutes later, they took the Argentine to a room and confirmed that nothing was found on his cell phone. In spite of this they told him that They’re not going to let that happen, because a lot of people are going to be living in America illegally.

As a result, he was put on a flight back to Buenos Aires. “They gave the passport to the pilot, who gave it back to me when we landed in Argentina.”indicated.

The young man ended his story by promising that he got a job at a car dealership after returning to his country. On the other hand, he declared that the North American authorities punished him harshly: “I can’t go back to America for 5 years”.

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How to get from Peru to USA?

To travel from Peru to the United States, you need the necessary documents that allow you to enter the North American country. They are: valid passport and valid US visa indicating the portal .

Learn below the step-by-step procedure for obtaining a US visa:

  • Fill out Form DS-160. This is a form that you can complete reality With your personal data to apply for a visa.
  • Pay the Visa Application Fee (MRV). It costs USD 160 and is a “Machine Readable Visa” fee to verify the application.
  • Schedule an appointment at the embassy. As of May 2022, the US Embassy in Lima has offered a virtual queue to expedite the process.
  • Introduce yourself to the consular interview. Don’t forget that the process is face-to-face and private, so you should go at the scheduled time.
  • Get your US visa. If the application is approved, they will attach the visa to your passport.

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