He was tired of people coming to his business to ask for directions and put up a mandatory sign | Argentina | Viral

When a person starts a business, the last thing they expect is for people to ask questions unrelated to their products. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, a merchant got fed up with these recurring episodes and posted a sign with instructions on his shop door. The news sparked controversy on social media.

Through his Twitter account, the user Laura PalmeraIdentified as @anchota_, shared a photo of the message in question and showed what it said.

A poster attached to a glass door lists data with “useful information” aimed at people who enter the company to ask questions. The merchant explains how to get to pharmacies, ATMs and bus stops.

However, the final message attracted the most attention: Don’t mess with me anymore. I work, this place is not a Citizens Information Centre.

Photo: @anchota_ / Twitter

The tweet went viral

“I don’t want to know your identity, tell me what you identify with”Mocking the man responsible for the publication, his tweet went viral with over a million views.

The fact, as expected, created all kinds of reactions among users: “I love how he summed up Microcentro on a poster”; “I love it, it has so many details, I would improve it by enlarging it with a sketch with its streets and points of interest. It will send all other objects next to it out of place. I delete the last sentence and put some phrase: ‘If the information is useful to you, buy me something’“People wrote.

She finds out in the worst way that her boyfriend cheated on her with her friend

On Twitter, the case of a young woman who discovered her boyfriend’s cheating in the worst possible way went viral. It all started when a user named Dana boarded a public bus in Tucuman, where he overheard a conversation he didn’t hesitate to share through his social networks.

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“If your name is Agostina and you have a boyfriend named Nacho who cheated on you with Luana, your friends Camila, Antonella and Sofia know everything and they also know that Antonella likes Nacho. Your friends are too loud in Bondi to travel with traitors like me.wrote the identified girl on Twitter.@danareyna_‘.

The post went viral with over 4 million views and hundreds of comments; However, what no one expected The message will reach the main victim in the case.

“Ready people, look no further. It’s me, Camilla is my best friend.”A young woman identified as AugustineHe went on to tell us how his relationship with the aforementioned woman is.

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