State of the art plastic surgery with highly specialized care for its patients

Plenty of natural light, comfort in every corner, open spaces, the latest technology, avant-garde design, minimalism, smooth lines… Enter IM Clinic It leads into a space that invites well-being and peace, and you can breathe peace as soon as you walk through its doors… a space where every detail has been designed. Comfort and welcome.

Well-being and comfort

IM Clinic facades allow light and landscape to enter.

IM Clinic

IM Clinic is a Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Clinic Located in Sant Cugat del Valles, very close to Barcelona. In fact, it is the most innovative in Europe, not only because of its technology, its equipment or the most advanced intellectual operating rooms on the continent, but above all, to start from scratch. Innovative concept In which the Patient well-being It is the center of his method. It is not only its health workers, but the entire team of excellent professionals that make up the IM Clinic: surgeons, therapists, nutritionists, patient care staff, restaurant service, nurses… all are there to serve, warm and welcome the patient. .

“This is the main idea, that our patients will feel cared for as soon as they walk through the door. Not only because of the professionalism and experience of our professionals, but also because of excellence in the quality of care. We want our patients to feel welcome, not just by the design or decor… to greet them with a welcoming smile, to find a friendly face, Those who comfort you with their close treatment… in short. , to find themselves more comfortable, they don’t want to leave”, explains Dr. Evan Manero, plastic surgeon and CEO of IM Clinic.

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Dr. When Manero wanted to give shape to a clinic dream he had been designing for more than two decades, he found out aretha space A good partner to create a unique space.

Natural light as the protagonist

IM Clinic is its specialty Friendly and contemporary architecture, translucent or transparent in some areas, welcomes patients into a bright, welcoming and unique space. Under the supervision of architect Diego Nakamatsu from Mario Correa Studio, they focused on getting the best out of the lighting studio, equipment, workspaces, patient rooms, offices and waiting rooms. Designed to create a comfortable and very welcoming atmosphere.

This exclusive work focuses on both the technical lighting scheme and the integrated equipment of the furniture inside. Smart glass operating roomsPioneered around the world and powered by the iPad, curtain wall-type facades allow the entire building to be translucent or transparent. Natural light and beautiful scenery around the center.

From the IM Clinic Restaurant, one can enjoy spectacular views of the surroundings.

IM Clinic

Interior and exterior are harmonious

This impressive clinic is filled with more than 6,000 square meters of natural light and is divided into two three-story buildings, whose entrance is led by an impressive pediment. Lorenzo Quinn, Sculpture of Harmony, which implements the philosophy of this center: seek harmony between our inner self and our outer self, between health and beauty, between well-being and vitality. “We all want to feel young, vital and attractive, but if we do not achieve a healthy and balanced interior physically and emotionally, the search for it will not have a good foundation”, explains Dr. Ivan Manero.

In the main building we find the area for reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. A minimalist and technologically advanced space, where comfort is again the protagonist, but an attempt has been made to connect the interior with the exterior in a more natural way, allowing the large gardens located around the entire building to connect with the canvas. Empty inside. And thanks to this it is possible Curtain wall-like facades Letting in light and landscape.

The external light and landscape accompany the patient everywhere in the IM clinic.

IM Clinic

Intelligent glass operating rooms, medical consultations and 17 spacious rooms, of which 13 are 30m² and 4 are 50m² suites, all with home automation, more typical of a luxury hotel than a medical center. A taste for detail hits the spot Each medical office is uniquely decorated, taking into account the type of natural light that bathes these rooms. Even the waiting room responds to this desire, with a spectacular fish tank that transmits peace and relaxation.

IM Clinic


The second building houses IM Beauty, the IM Clinic, a global aesthetic health center. In this, not only aesthetic medicine, state-of-the-art beauty technology or advanced aesthetic treatments are sought, but also a more holistic approach through a global approach. And everything is reflected in its spaces: warm, comfortable, quiet… in which natural light is filtered to seek intimacy, while colors, aromas, decoration and distribution remind you. Again the Balance within and withoutTo achieve a private, comfortable and welcoming space.

Research and training

This clinic in Sant Cugat and Madrid has been involved in excellent research and training since its inception. That is a good proof of this Approved by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality As a national reference teaching device in the field of aesthetics for residents in the specialties of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Additionally, the center provides international training in transgender health and surgery.

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