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According to police sources, the Congressman suffered a breakdown while he was with friends, as a result of which he died.

Congressman from Furza Popular Bench and First Vice President of Congress, HERNANDO GUERRA GARCIAPerumin died in Arequipa while on a visit to participate in the conference.

According to PNP Major Marco Campos Urbina, chief of security for Arequipa state, quoted by Canal En, the congressman suffered a seizure while in the company of friends, resulting in his death.

The congressman’s body was later transferred to the city of Molendo because the medical office in the district of Punta de Pampan lacked medical personnel.

The politician, who turned 60 on May 14, planned to fly to Arequipa on Wednesday, September 27 and actively participate in Peru’s conference.

Guerra García won as part of the Fuerza Popular party in the current parliament after receiving 55,987 votes, according to the registry of the Organization of National Electoral Processes (ONPE).

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