His scathing response to Gian Marco and Nicola Porcella: “It’s nice that he’s still trying to do something in the industry”

Gian Marco Zignaco Interviewed by Mexican ProgramAdela told me, where he talked about his latest album, in addition to his illness and his girlfriend. When the TV host asked him what he thought of Nicola Porcella, a former member of La Casa de los Famosos México, everything was going smoothly.

The Peruvian singer did not hesitate to answer, but to do so he used a sarcastic comment to define what he was doing. Nicola Porcella In the art world.

“What do I think of him? Ah, I think it’s nice that he keeps coming to other countries to try, I imagine a career of some kind,” said Gian Marco, leaving the audience with a lot that burst into laughter.

Given this, Gian Marco To avoid misunderstandings, he asked for an opportunity to explain himself better.

“Nicola, as far as I understand, worked on a game show in Peru, and then I think he was an actor. If you come to Mexico, you go to ‘La Casa de los Famosos,’ but it’s always important to know what’s next. And in a country like Mexico, he I hope he does well as an actor, host or whatever he wants to be,” he explained.

As I rememberedNicola Porcella She rose to fame in Mexico after participating in La Casa de los Famosos Mexico, where she placed second. winner Wendy Guerra. As a result, the Peruvian was invited to star in the soap opera “El Amor no Dine Recipe”, which will premiere in 2024 and will be directed by Juan Osorio.

GianMarco Zignago made an unexpected comment about Nicola Porcella when asked about him. Saga/The House of the Famous

During the interview, the singer mentions that the last three years have been very important to look at his life, because he not only experienced an epidemic like everyone else, but also had to fight divorce and cancer.

“Three years of difficult moments in my life, divorce, guilt, starting over, the epidemic. Despite everything, it has been an interesting life lesson. I have a wonderful relationship with my children, with Claudia (Moreau), the mother of my children,” said the singer, in Lima. He explained that he discovered it by chance after doing a routine test.

Although he had some symptoms, the artist says he never imagined it would be prostate cancer. When he found out, he admitted that he thought a lot about his father, who died of the disease. However, today it can be said that he has conquered the evil he so feared.

“I had cancer. (…) I am cured. Surgery is very heavy, especially the recovery,” he pointed out. Gian Marco, who has been unable to walk for almost a month after surgery. “It was a very benign treatment, and I had to take a lot of pills,” the singer-songwriter explained, thankful not to have undergone chemotherapy.

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