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Tourism in Argentina has grown in recent years due to inflation and devaluation. Photo: Composition LR

years ago, Argentina It is an expensive tourist country travel bag; However, current inflation and devaluation Argentine peso Foreigners coming into the country with dollars or more stable currencies have caused prices to fall. As in the case of Peruvian Sol.

Due to this situation, Chileans, Paraguayans, Uruguayans, People of Ecuador, Bolivians, Perusas and tourists from other countries come to Argentina to learn about the country’s culture, food, arenas, natural landscapes and architecture, as well as to make essential purchases at pharmacies and various stores.

How many weeks can you vacation in Argentina with Peruvian minimum wage?

Peruvian minimum wage 1.025 sole, which is equal to 64,278.00 Argentine pesos and 276.84 dollars. According to traveling tourists Argentina Comes from PeruThis amount is enough for a two-week vacation that includes food, accommodation, transportation in the city and tickets to some tourist centers.

For starters, you can get flights Argentina 40,000 Argentine pesos, payable in installments. Regarding hosting, you can use the sites Register oh AirbnbShared houses offer rooms for 14,000 pesos for 15 days, which is roughly equivalent to 226 soles.

As for food, you can use the hostels kitchen and buy food to prepare. The cost of the basket is 600 pesos, which adds up to 9,000 pesos or 143.56 soles for 15 days.

The neighborhood of La Recoleta is known as the “Argentine Paris” and is one of the most exclusive in Buenos Aires. Photo: Republic

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For transportation, tourists can take Subday, with this train card you can visit every corner of the capital city of Buenos Aires. Tickets cost 53 pesos or 0.85 feet. Some of the places you can visit are: Historic Corrientes Avenue, the neighborhoods of Puerto Madero and Caminito, the forests of Palermo, the planetarium of the Japanese Garden and the Costanera..

What are the 7 best places to visit in Argentina?

From the landscape of the multicolored mountains, cordons and guanacos of the north, to the glaciers and mountain lakes of Patagonia (Argentina), the eighth largest country in the world (Argentina) has plenty of places to visit. Here we present 10 must-sees if you’re vacationing in the ‘gaucho’ lands.

  • Buenos Aires
  • the mouth
  • San Delmo
  • Downtown Buenos Aires
  • Port of Madero
  • Recoleta
  • Palermo

How to get cheap flights from Peru to Argentina?

Los Cheap flights from Lima For foreign countries like Argentina you can find them on SkyAirlines or similar sites take off, Kayak, Hold it oh eDestinations.

Which months are the cheapest to visit Argentina?

On the balance between price and climate, months From June to August If you want to visit Buenos Aires or a northern city, they are the best places to visit in Argentina because they are the months without much rain and the temperature is very pleasant.

High season in Argentina is from November to February. Prices are higher during these months; However, this is a great time to visit Patagonia.

Patagonia. Photo: Santa Cruz Patagonia Tourism

3 Cheap Destinations for a Winter Vacation in Argentina

Many families plan their winter vacations to enjoy nature and activities, especially in snowy or cold weather. Here are three low-cost alternatives to enjoy beautiful places in Argentina.

  • Huerta Grande, Córdoba
  • San Clemente del Tuyu, Buenos Aires
  • Lake of the Wolves, Buenos Aires
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How to get around Buenos Aires cheaply?

If you do venture to Argentina, the Buenos Aires subway, Latin America’s oldest rail service, can transport you safely and cheaply, helping to transport users across the city at low fares. The first thing you need to use this service is a Sube card. Follow the steps to get it.

  • Buy Subay card online Here Or get it Points will riseLocated in lottery agencies, train or subway stations and shopping malls.
  • In case of loss or damage, create an account on the Subay website Here To retrieve your balance, review your movements, view your balance and get useful information from the Service.
  • Create your account on the Sube website Here To recover your balance if the card is lost or broken, check your movements, view your balance and get useful information on public transport.
  • You can load your Subay card through payment applications or ATMs, a Mobile connection or application acceptIt is available for download on Google Play.

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