Police arrested the leader of a dangerous carjacking gang in northern Lima

Police arrested the leader of a dangerous carjacking gang in northern Lima

Hit offense. The Peruvian National Police (PNP) captured Honorado Salvador CernaThe leader of a dangerous gang of criminals known as El Viejo Vehicle theft Then sell them under a different brand.

Colonel Daniel JaresChairman Provedreported in real time After thorough investigation, RPP issued notices that the subject was detained at a secret compound located at Balban Prolongation, Ancon.

“Due to confidential information, a criminal gang was found stealing vehicles in the districts of Puente Piedra, Carabayllo and Ancón. It stole cars and then took them to secret workshops or garages in these districts of the North Cone. ,” first indicated.

“As a result of this information, an operation was carried out and Honorado Salvador Cerna, alias El Viejo, intervened in a secret location located in the Balban extension (Ancon),” said the colonel. Daniel Jares.

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What was the nickname El Viejo responsible for?

According to Dipro’s head, El Viejo will be in charge of re-registering the vehicles’ identification numbers and then marketing them through social networks.

“This person will be responsible for re-registering the vehicle’s identification numbers, VIN number or engine numbers, and then marketing them through social networks or other means,” he said.

“This person has been jailed for aggravated robbery and has various complaints. This has already been made available to the Public Ministry. The recovered vehicles will be returned to their owners,” concluded the head of Deprov.

At the secret location, three vehicles were found with re-registered identification numbers and two vehicles with unreliable license plates.

Police capture leader of dangerous gang of carjackers in North Lima | Source: RPP

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