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The Style Store was celebrated on Sunday, May 7, with a preview of Hot Sale 2023 At the Unicenter shopping mall, Zaira Nara hosts the first hybrid event in the country’s history, led by Pompida, Lizardo Ponce and Stephanie Demner. The brand reached over 100,000 live followers, making it the most watched online streaming in LATAM.

With the avant-garde as its model, Style Store seeks to innovate and surprise its customers, complementing the virtual and physical environments.

InHe Local style store Unicenter drew more than 5,000 people Establishing itself as a leading omni-channel company.

Taking the avant-garde as a model, Style Store strives to innovate and surprise its customers Revolutionize the omnichannel store concept with better user experiences. During the event, the new category “Style Home” was launched with the support of the main brands of the local market with the Style Store, which allows the latest trends to be placed in the hands of consumers.

Bampita, Zaira Nara and Lizardo Ponce are the hosts of the show

In this new concept that marks the integration and complementation of virtual and physical environments, the style store not only has a nationwide presence, but also offers top international brands such as watches, jewellery, smartwatches, sunglasses, audio, home appliances and technology. Find prototypes in their physical stores and their online store Great experiences, personalized and after sales attention.

More than 5,000 people gathered at the Unicentre Style Store.

To celebrate the night, Style Store got the most important celebrities and influencers of the moment, personalities related to the world of technology, music, art and gamers.

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Bambita, Wanda Nara, Marcelo Dinelli, Jimena Baron, Marcos, Nacho and Julieta from Big Brother were in attendance along with other famous people from the world of entertainment, social networks and media.

Marcelo Dinelli was one of the big celebrities in attendance

The night featured various artistic performances to ensure that everyone enjoyed the WOW experience in every minute of the event.

From the brand, they point out that this is just the beginning and news of new launches and high value offers for consumers will continue this year not only in innovative products but also in incredible experiences that will be remembered by all.

We are the future.

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