Huancavelica: the Minister of Economy spends an awkward and tense moment with the residents of the area | Alex Contreras Video | Peru

Minister of Economy and Finance, Alex Contreras MirandaPlayed an awkward and tense moment, this Friday, May 12, in the city huancavelica, when members of the department tried to confront him accusing him of being a murderer. Stones pelted on his vehicle can also be seen in the video.

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This prompted his security to protect him and take him in his truck to leave the Regional Directorate of Education, where he explained some of the activities his department was undertaking.

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Contreras Miranda participated in the establishment of the Territorial Development Table of the Huancavelica Region, along with the Regional Governor Leoncio Huilani, the Huancavelica Provincial Mayor and the Technical Committee.

Minister at Huancavelica

The head of the economic portfolio had to use an alternate door to avoid a group of residents belonging to the Security Front who came to protest against the government of Dina Boluarte.

“As always, he escapes from the city of Huancavelican. We are waiting for him, he runs through another door,” said one of the protesters.

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Fortunately, no injuries or property damage were reported after this unfortunate incident.

“Huancavelica has a large amount of investment resources that are currently paralyzed by processes and arbitrations. Now, in coordination with the governor and officials, we are going to reallocate those resources to projects that can be implemented this year,” he said. Miranda Contreras Before the incident.

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