It goes viral by revealing how to get free food in America | Videos | Nnda nnrt | Viral

It goes viral by revealing how to get free food in America |  Videos |  Nnda nnrt |  Viral

In a story that has gone viral on social media, a young man has shared his experience of how he coped with free food. America. Through his testimony, he revealed a series of amazing strategies that allowed him to access a wide variety of foods without spending a dime.

User Emilio, identified on social networks @viajaconemilioNoted that there is a place in the North American country Food bankAt the entry point, people register with their passports and receive a turn-marking device to collect food.

In the pictures, he can be seen going around the place with a shopping cart, which has all the food a visitor needs. According to TikTok, The amount depends on the number of members in the beneficiary family.

At the food bank, you can find items such as meat, milk, eggs, vegetables and canned goods such as peanut butter, rice, breads, cakes, pasta, yogurt, and health products.

His story went viral

“Mine is for one person, they gave me all this”Emilio pointed out as he displayed the items in the trunk of his car.

His story went viral with more than 2 million views and generated a large number of reactions, with most people questioning the correct application given to the company.

“I’ve always said that this help should be for people who really need it, not for those who have taken advantage of it”; “Leave it to those who really need it”; “Well, once I went out of curiosity, but what many people don’t know is that everything is already expired, dear, big stores donate it,” people wrote.

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What is a food bank and how does it work?

Food banks Organizations that collect and distribute food Through food pantries and meal programs, small charities serve people at risk of hunger.

According to Food Bank News, distribution organizations such as food banks also run anti-hunger programs such as mobile food pantries, weekend and summer meals for children, nutrition education and food pantries for seniors.

All food banks depend on donors and volunteers for their daily operations. There are more than 200 organizations of this type in the United States.


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