Japan will develop a laser whose shots will reach space

This idea seems like something out of a video game. But it is real, and it will be implemented in the public interest. With the help of a Japanese company called EX-Fusion, the Japanese will lead the fight against space debris. Your laser will have the capability to allow it Remove this debris from a distance. As you can imagine, lasers can have other uses.

Space cleaning

Initially, the project of EX-Fusion, a start-up that had already made many headlines, was to focus on fusion power using its advances in the laser world. But at one point in their careers they saw a new opportunity: working with Australian company EOS Space Systems. And that's it Starting its path in space industryIn it they will leave their mark in an unimaginable way.

That is, it is true that the EX-Fusion project is not going to be used in Japan. This is not the first time that the Japanese government and its own space agency have missed important opportunities. Instead, this Japanese startup's laser will travel to the Australian capital, Canberra. That's where EOS Space Systems comes in An observatory that acts as a control point In this ambitious project they hope to successfully shoot into space.

Preparing the scenes

The process until the laser is tested is more complicated than we expect. The first is the EOS Space Systems Laboratory, which already has advanced technology Used to detect space debris, will install laser technology from a Japanese company. In this first step, what they're looking for is to more precisely locate remnants of space debris floating on the planet's surface. They want to be sure they've found these remnants because by the time they shoot with the laser, there's no room for error. Additionally, they note that the objective is to detect remains less than 10 cm.

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If the exact presence of residue is detected, EX-Fusion technicians will increase the power of the laser used so that it now hits the object. Having said that, they plan to shoot in the opposite direction of his movement The goal is not to explode or disappear As a result of the impact, instead it moves and enters the Earth's atmosphere. Therefore, the ultimate cause of space debris destruction is our own atmosphere, not the laser. However, it is obvious that it is of great importance in operation and the force used is intense. For obvious reasons, this wouldn't be enough to wreak havoc on impact, although EX-Fusion claims to understand that its space laser doesn't work like a laser that can be fired inside the Earth.

Laser shooting in space in a futuristic environment

To understand what role EX-Fusion plays in this, the company has already worked. In developing other types of lasers, including some very destructive ones. In their inventory they have lasers capable of destroying drones and its technology can be used in other types of environments beyond what is already seen in the space series. At the same time, people who have a lot of experience with Fusion say that it is something that can be practically used in space cleaning.

It's too early to know right now If only they could clean up the place Based on laser sightings from Earth, and see if there are forces or other organizations setting their sights on this type of technology. But it's obvious that the EX-Fusion is getting a lot of attention.

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