The Fourth Edition of Technology Course for Senior Citizens has been completed

The academic program was carried out by Estudiantes INNOVA and had its last in-person class at UNO.

In the coworking space of the UNO Estudiantes Workclub, seven members successfully completed their participation in the fourth edition. “Technology for the Elderly.”

Taught in four comprehensive classes, it is integrated Hernan Fonsalido And the team Innova students. The classes were divided into general cell phone usage, the most popular apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, as well as familiarizing ourselves with our club’s UNO usage and tickets.

Aiming to contribute and provide tools for members over 60 years of age to encourage understanding and familiarization with new technologies and social networks, the activity of the member app is a central axis.

“I am very happy to be able to implement this fourth edition. I cannot fail to thank Alejandra Zangara (Member of the Board of Directors responsible for the Innova Student Section) for the opportunity to present this course to the community.”Hernan Fonsaledo said.

At the end of the day, the duo congratulated all those who attended and awarded diplomas of recognition to the following students:

  • Carlos Alberto Balbo
  • Horacio drums
  • Martin Elizeth
  • Maria Inez Hernandez
  • Andrea Orsero
  • Juan Jose Timosi
  • Eduardo Alberto Valenti

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