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Gerardo Bey and DaFonseca met 5 years after their YouTube channel officially broke up. Photo: Composition/Hablando Huatas/Instagram

After not seeing each other for more than five years, Gerard Fr Y DafonsecaContent creators are commemorated for establishing YouTube channel nearby, they surprised their followers on social networks by recording a video again. While there were netizens who celebrated the meeting of the two Internet celebrities, there were those who criticized their reunion and questioned whether the influencers were only there for money.

Some also missed the chance that the duo received a good sum of money for their reunion from Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna, making their reunion possible. For this reason, YouTuber DaFonseca decided to go out of his way to clarify the doubts of internet users and exclusively told them how much money they received from the drivers.

How much did Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna pay Gerardo Bey and DaFonseca?

In a conversation with Alonso Cuna, one of Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza’s collaborators, DaFonseca described how surprised he was to see that his video with Gerardo Bay was well received by the public. He emphasized that the reason for accepting this proposal was not just money.

“I told them (Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna) that money is indifferent to me. If the meeting happens, let it be cool. Gerardo thought so too. Yes, they gave us $1,000 each for the shares, but for the day, for the tickets, we have to get together, but not $50,000, which everybody thinks.”, said the content creator.

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Such was the reunion of Gerardo Bay and DanFonseca

Gerardo Pe and Dafonseka had a special reunion as part of the anniversary of the “Hablando huevadas” podcast. The news of their collaboration was announced on social networks and the announcement was accompanied by Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza. In the promotional video they released, DaFonseca told Gerardo: “You forget we’re legs.”

DaFonseca and Gerardo Bay reveal return date

The memorable YouTube duo returns with new content after years away. now, DaFonseca and Gerard Fr They released a new video in which they revealed the date they will be able to see their first video together on their new channel “Eramos patas”.

Through their new release on Instagram, the influencers confirmed that they will be premiering their new project on May 14. In the clip, you can see a scene similar to the movie Fast and Furious 7, where everyone appears in their car and stops to talk for a while.

DaFonseca and Gerardo Pey share the photo

Los influencers DaFonseca and Gerard Fr They have left their differences in the past and after a gap of more than four years, are now coming strong to start a new project with Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza.

DaFonseca and Gerardo Pey rekindle their friendship. Photo: Instagram

Their friendship is already evident on Instagram, where they recently posted a photo in which they hugged and posed as characters from the Mario Bros. movie. “We forgot legs and cheese,” they wrote. Explanation.

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