Meet the team you want to wear in the future

Renato Tapia, currently defending the colors of Celta de Vigo in Spain, has vowed to play for a top Peruvian footballer.

Renato Tapia has confirmed that there is one Peruvian team he wants to play for. | Photo: Zelda de Vigo

It is no secret that various players from the Peruvian team want to return to their land to join their beloved team. One of them is Renato Tapia, who recently admitted that he has an illusion of playing. Lima Alliance.

“I’m a fan of Alianza and it’s a pending dream that I can play there. I’ve never made my debut in Peru’s first division. I love playing for a club in my country. If it’s in Alianza, great”, he pointed out in a conversation with the Mid Vigo Beacon.

Photo: Andina

In this way, the member of Celta de Vigo has left open the possibility of becoming a blue and white reinforcement in the future. However, the player did not give an exact date for his return to Peru, so it may be a while before we see him in Ligue 1.

Tapia is arguably the most valuable player in Peruvian football today. In fact, according to information from the international Transfermarkt portal, the steering has been quoted at around 7.5 million euros.

Renato Tapia clarified his situation at Celta de Vigo

During the same interview, Renato Tapia clarified that he still has one year left on his contract with Celta de Vigo. However, he assured that the decision on his permanency should be taken by the company.

“My plan is to have a contract with Zelda for one more year, and looking at the future it doesn’t depend on me, but on the club. I always stressed how happy and calm I feel here, not only in football. But also in the family issue,” he explained.

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