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Christian has been injured (torn posterior cruciate ligament) since March 26 last year. Almost ten months have passed and the attacking midfielder has yet to undergo surgery. What happened? The two editions collected by this journal are as follows:

Julio Garcia He pointed out that the private company has not yet responded to the footballer's request for surgery outside the country: the first intention was to be in the United States on the recommendation of Paulo Guerrero, and now they have decided to do it. Barcelona, ​​Spain. “On December 29, Alianza Lima was asked for the costs, the name of the doctor and all the details of the surgery. It is January 5th and we have not received a reply.He told DD a few days ago.

On Alianza's part they responded: they are responsible for the surgery where the player decides, because that is what the contract stipulates – according to them – but they believed it would be unfair to do it in another place where the rehabilitation could be done easily. In the club's facilities, 2024 they have been strengthened with top-notch equipment and professionals. They also pointed out that the price of Cueva's order exceeded one hundred thousand dollars.

Alianza's situation opened the door to a new chapter in this novel, the only thing that reached it was the broken relationship between Christian and the club he loves so much. What happened now? Garcia contacted the media and gave a strong statement denying what was said by Matute.

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The path Kiva chose

The argument continues. It's an unfortunate situation because, for better or worse, interactions between protagonists take place. In the middle of that fight, Julio Garcia Cueva's contract stipulates that Alianza Lima will be responsible for one hundred percent of the cost of Alianza Lima's surgery and rehabilitation. Rescue him in the club.

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“Cristian Cueva is not only a player of Alianza Lima, he has no relationship from December 31, 2023; But today he should be in Saudi Arabia. The agreement states that Alianza must cover the total amount recovered. We are willing to pay for his rehabilitation in Arabia, but let them do it. It is not fair to demand that it be recovered in Peru because the headquarters is not where it should be. “He should be monitored by his club Al Fateh.”Julio Garcia represents.

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According to the attorney, since there was no response from the blue and white company so far, Christian decided to do the surgery on his own. “We are looking at that possibility and then Alianza will have to bear all the costs. But it is urgent to have the surgery because he wants to return to the Peruvian team, because he wants to play again,” he said..

On the other hand, Garcia pointed out that the estimated expenses awarded to the club for the surgery and recovery was about one hundred thousand dollars. “The worst part of this story is that Alianza didn't tell us what to do or what steps to follow. If the contract stipulates that everything should be covered, why do they say that only a part of it should be covered? Is it fair that they want him to recover in Peru because it's cheaper? It is not. So far they have not responded to us as if this case is not relevant or important. “That's what we're asking for.”He finished.

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