López Aliaga promised to turn Abanque Avenue into a park and announced spending 600 million on bridges.

Rafael Lopez Aliaga promises to turn Apanke Avenue into a park (RPP News)

The Mayor of Lima, Rafael López Aliaga, revealed this Saturday morning in the municipality one of the plans that the administration has in mind for the next few years. It will try to replace the well-known Apanke AvenueA park for residents of the capital, where hundreds of public transport units commute daily.

“On Apanke Avenue, with the design created by Louis Martin Botatonic, president of Prolima, there is something to talk about if we want to create a park,” he said in the conversation. RPP news. Confronted with this surprising proposal, the mayor added: Transportation That 11-block avenue is underground for buses and private cars.

“It will be underground transportation. “It's a dream we're doing,” he noted. Besides, Lopez Aliaga He declined to give more details about when he would implement the plan, which would completely transform the area Center of Lima It starts from the bridge Ricardo PalmaIt passes Rimak Riverup the avenue Miguel Grau.

A view of Apanke Avenue in the early 80s. (antenna)

In the last century, exactly in 1947, work Giron Apanke It then culminated in an avenue consisting of 43 lanes of companies dedicated to transportation. Hence, it is a very crowded one Lima And with high noise pollution. Also, it is always a point when they hold demonstrations against people and social organizations. Government Y Congress Change.

On the other hand, Rafael López Aliaga explained his plan to install 60 Bailey Bridges in different parts of Lima to solve the traffic problem. He mentioned that he met this week French and Italian companies Dedicated to the business of these metal structures, each costing 10 million dollars, a total of 600 million will be distributed.

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“It will not have just 10 bridges Javier Prado. There are six areas of brute force collective management. Let's start in the south, where Huaylas Avenue (Chorrillos) There should be at least six to eight bridges to avoid all traffic lights. Then there you have it New track goes from San Juan de Miraflores, Villa María del Triunfo and Villa El Salvador. There are five bridges,” he told the Lima mayor.

Javier Prado Avenue will have more bridges, according to Mayor Rafael López Aliaga. | MML

“So we go for it Nicholas Aylan Avenue, we have like six bridges. So 15 bridges between Proceedings and Vice It is precisely the backbone San Juan de Luricancho. We continue back with six more bridges on Túpac (Amaru) (Avenue). We are not going to build bridges, but rather a traditional construction method University Avenue “It will be pure public transport, not private,” he said.

Finally, the Renovasian Popular leader clarified that there will be two bridges with more technology that will also be installed. ate. But when the mayor applied, it was questioned that there was no idea of ​​bridges in the government plan presented. 2022 municipal campaign.

Regarding this, Lopez Aliaga said: My government is in the plan. The flyovers at Huailas Avenue also had another exit for the Panamericana intersection. It is in my government plan. The advantage of this project of these flyovers is that nothing is closed (about whether the routes where they will be placed will be closed for construction).”

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In addition, the mayor of Lima supported his plan to implement the application to enter regional parks, which will henceforth be metropolitan clubs.

“People are happy, people are happy (with the change). If you have a ClubMed card, you have savings: instead of paying 4 legs to enter the Metropolitan Club, you pay 3. The cost of the card is 10 feet a year, and it's voluntary. You pay 4 legs to enter the Metropolitan Club. If they want to pay, pay them, but they have an alternative way to keep their card. (…) We are going to provide services to zoned parks that private clubs have,” he noted.

“If you have a ClubMed card, you have savings: instead of paying 4 feet to enter the Metropolitan Club, you pay 3. The card costs 10 baht per year and is voluntary. If you want to keep paying 4 feet to get into the Metropolitan Club, you pay for it, but there is an alternative to keeping your card. (…) We are going to provide services to zoned parks that private clubs have,” he said in an interview. RPP.

For their part, the residents of El Agustino rejected the move. “I don't really agree, I don't understand it. So we're going to wait, because there was an amphitheater a long time ago, but they only came to talk. “I don't agree,” commented one resident. Success message.

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