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Luis Sanchez Aranda, The famous Luchito Mi Barrunto married his beautiful girlfriend Itamar Menjivar, revealed by Magaly TV entertainment show La Firme. The owner of Mi Parundo Cevicheria gave him a ring worth about 30 thousand dollars.

TROME | Luchito Mi Barrunto Marries His Girlfriend (Magali TV)

The wedding took place at the end of February. You can see it in the photos Businessman He was not wearing a tailcoat or a wedding dress. Instead, she used her whimsical clothes from expensive brands.

Pictures were also shown of the proposal to the young woman, which would have been carried out at the well-known restaurant La Rosa Náutica.

Luchito Mi Barrunto She quickly rose to fame because of her friendship with soccer player Christian Cueva. He even accompanied him until Peru's tragic match against Australia in Qatar, which ended his dream of a return to the World Cup.

Magali TV on Mi Parundo's wedding: She wore a $49,000 Rolex and $30,000 earrings

According to Magali's plan, 'Lucchito' showed off a Rolex worth nearly $49,000, while her engagement rings cost $30,000.

“That three-carat ring was beautiful, so the chubby guy finally married his Cipola. He's been with her for years, and of course, he's always been seen everywhere with her.” said Magali.

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