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A reporter Magali Medina, Priscilla Mateo GuerreroThen he finds himself in the eye of the storm JJulian Zucchi They will make it official that they are “exclusive” after being caught very affectionate last weekend.

Seeing the pictures go viral, many viewers wondered who the young woman dating the actor was and as expected, her identity has already been leaked on various entertainment shows.

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According to her LinkedIn account, Priscilla Karen Mateo Guerrero worked in several media outlets before becoming a reporter for Magali Medina's show.

“I have had the privilege of working in one of the most important print and television media in my country (Peru). Currently, I am focusing on continuing to grow professionally. “I want to explore new opportunities in the corporate world and broaden my horizons in a global network” Read about the professional account of Priscilla Mateo, who is almost 32 years old.

The young lady completed her studies at San Ignacio de Loyola University in 2017. Since her university days, she has been recognized for her acting and charm in front of the cameras, which is why she participated in the news program Usil TV.

Ojo worked as a web editor in the national and international police section of the newspaper. Additionally, she worked as a reporter at Latina, where she conducted live interviews and reported on current events, national politics, health and entertainment.

Finally, she is currently a reporter for Magali Medina's show, where she met her current partner, Argentine actor Julian Zucchi.

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Dual Nationality

“Mexican, but Peruvian at heart”, can be read on his Twitter account. She is the mother of a 10-year-old girl and loves social networks.

On his Instagram account, he posts videos and photos of his travels, work and favorite hobbies.

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