Marcelo Dinelli dedicates words of love to Milet Figueroa after receiving the Martin Fierro Award: “Thank you for joining me”

Marcelo Tinelli thanked Millet at the Martin Fierro Awards

Marcelo Dinelli Approved on delivery Martin Fierro Fashion AwardsPast December 2In Art Factory Inside Argentina. The event rewards individuals in fashion design, modeling, art and television. Dinelli, who hosts the reality show ‘Philando 2023’, attended the event with her partner. Milet FigueroaDuring the ceremony he publicly dedicated words of thanks and love.

In his acceptance speech, Marcelo Dinelli She highlighted the importance of her family and her relationship with the fashion world. He thanked his daughter Michaela DinelliOwnership of the brand Ginebra, for their involvement in the industry; mentioned Candelaria tinelliNominee and resident in the same ceremony SpainShe runs her own clothing company.

He also congratulated Juanita Dinelli For her career in modeling, which now takes her all over Europe; and his son Francisco DinelliWho is going to start a clothing line? Milet FigueroaEnthusiastically, Dinelli recognized him as an important part of her life, thus confirming the seriousness of their relationship.

Marcello Dinelli thanked Miletus in Martin Fierro’s speech.| America TV Argentina

“I want to thank my daughter Michaela Ginebra, who bet he owns a company in Argentina. Kudos to her because she has always been involved in fashion. Conde has a clothing factory and divine brand based in Spain, recommended. For my daughter Juanita, who is now marching in Europe, I rejoice. And to Francisco, who is about to release a clothing capsule with ‘Ginebra’. They are very happy,” he said.

“Thank you, my love, and thank you for joining me tonight, Milet,” Dinelli said at the end of his speech at the ceremony, which recognized his career in Argentine television for more than 30 years.

Marcelo Dinelli attended the ceremony with his partner Milet Figueroa.

in the presence of Dinelli Y Figueroa On the red carpet, they sparked huge media interest as they were officially presented as a couple to the public. Speculations about the nature of their relationship were dispelled with this appearance and recognition included in the speech. Marcelo Dinelli towards Milet FigueroaThe one who noticed Anjali moved.

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In recent times Martin Fierro Fashion AwardsTinelli expressed his emotion in the presence of his partner, Milet Figueroa, who stole the show in a stunning silver dress. The model and actress stood out at the ceremony and caught the attention of those present and especially Dinelli, who did not hide her admiration for Figueroa.

Marcelo Tinelli and Milett Figueroa shine together on the red carpet of the Martín Fierro Fashion Awards.

Marcelo Tinelli revealed that Milett Figueroa keeps her wardrobe details a secret until the last minute at events they attend together. On this occasion, the anticipation culminated at the fashion event, where Dinelli compared her surprise to Figueroa’s dress. Confirmation of marriageUnderscoring the mystery and coquetry that characterizes her.

“I felt like we were getting married or engaged today because I didn’t know how she was going to turn out. She is very flirtatious, doesn’t want to show anything, disappears from 3 pm and then appears like this. Great. I want to see a deity near me. She is a very beautiful girl and I think she is shining brighter than ever,” he said.

Photo of Marcelo Dinelli and Milet Figueroa at the Martin Fierro Awards.

Marcelo Dinelli and Milet Figueroa They organize plans for upcoming vacations and summers. While Tinelli is in Argentina with her children, Figueroa keeps her family in Peru, so the couple tries to balance their family and work responsibilities.

Photo of Marcelo Dinelli and Milet Figueroa at the Martin Fierro Awards.

Tinelli pointed out that the hitch was necessary in coordinating Christmas holiday agendas. The situation is complicated by the fact that the program ‘Dance 2023’ “Continues throughout January” refers to an uninterrupted work schedule that limits your availability for the holidays.

“First we’re looking at the vacation issue, because her whole family is in Peru, and my kids are in Argentina. “We’re looking at how to get together in one place or another, that’s the first thing.”

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