March for Democracy Live: They protest against Congress for trying to remove JNJ

Former President Francisco SacastI (2020-2021) this Saturday expressed his concern over the state of democracy in the country after the Congress’ decision to initiate an inquiry into the impeachment of members of the National Judicial Council (JNJ).

“We have democracy at stake, on the one hand, a kind of chaotic dictatorship on the part of Congress (…) Congressional initiatives that threaten order.” Democratic and civil peace,” he said at RPP.

Last week, Congress approved the initiation of a summary inquiry against the members of the National Judicial Council (JNJ), with the aim of deciding whether to recommend the impeachment of the seven judges.

A fact that resulted in declarations by members of the United Nations Organization of Peru, the Synod of Bishops and the government of President Tina Polwart in defense of the independence of powers.

Former Peruvian President Francisco Sagasti in an archive photo. EFE/Aldair Mejia

Diversity also adds to the demonstration in support of JNJ, the group confirmed Pride March.

The New Peru Movement, led by former presidential candidate Veronica Mendoza, confirmed participation in the event.

Concentration will be from 4:00 p.m Field of Mars And the following route is planned:

Renata Flores, considered the queen of trapping in Quechua, joined the call for demonstration. “What are we defending? We’re not defending people, we’re defending institutions and we’re defending our freedom to express our dissent. Soon it will be criminalized to create publications like this, it seems that so much abuse should not be normalized! “Art must shine today!” he wrote on his X platform on Twitter.

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Jenny Tador, Executive Secretary of Peru’s National Human Rights Coordinator, The Congress of the Republic The JNJ acts in a dictatorial manner by demanding the dismissal of its members.

“It may seem (The J.N.J) is another institution of democracy building and is often considered less important; However, it is fundamental in the lives of citizens because it is related to the possibility of access to justice and having impartial systems,” he explained.

Let’s remember that Parliament’s Justice and Human Rights Commission has already approved a work plan to investigate JNJ members. The document was criticized by various congressmen because it contained information that only fit on one page of the page.

The first procedure involves interviewing members J.N.J, scheduled for Friday, September 15. However, it was canceled due to ill health of Congresswoman Patricia Chirinos.

A new one is not planned Another oneBut regular members of the JNJ are expected to attend: Imelda Julia Tumialán Pinto (President), Aldo Alejandro Vásquez Ríos (Vice President), Henry José Ávila Herrera, Luz Inés Tello Valcárcel de Ñecco, María Valladares de laZavalaum. Barentes and Guillermo Thornberry Villaran.

Vice President of J.N.J, Aldo Vázquez criticized that Congress invited him and his colleagues for an interview, but they did not clarify why the complaints were classified as serious. Noting that the Constitution does not specify which activities are considered such, he described the inquiry as absurd.

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The National Judicial Board was only notified on Thursday, September 14, to appear before the Justice and Human Rights Commission. (Julianna’s Style)

In a press conference, Gustavo Minaya, Deputy General Secretary of the General Confederation of Peruvian Workers (CGTP) and President of the World Federation of Labor, commented, “We want to demand justice for the people who died during the protest. Demonstrations Against Tina Polwart, which occurred between December 2022 and March 2023.

“We have put forward a representation Government He took the lives of many innocent people excessively and mercilessly. It creates an administration with elements of racism, discrimination and criminality that we all owe a duty to fight,” he said.

More than 60 organizations joined the ‘March for Democracy’ to demand that the Peruvian Congress withdraw from investigating members of the National Board of Justice (JNJ).

As known, full Parliament Approved a motion by Congresswoman Patricia Chirinos (Avanza Pais) to initiate a preliminary investigation against JNJ members.

The inquiry will be conducted by the Justice and Human Rights Commission CongressIts members must submit results within 14 days.

The J.N.J It warned that the move by the legislative branch could attack Peruvian democracy, as judges are in charge of appointing judges and prosecutors. They pointed out that Parliament would violate the separation of powers by trying to remove JNJ members.

As a result, citizen groups, micro-entrepreneurs, trade unions and various social organizations announced that they would protest. Congress of the Republic. In a press conference, the spokespersons of the protest also accused the Parliament of trying to undermine the JNJ.

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Organizers ‘March for Democracy’ They noted that the demonstration will be held on Saturday, September 16. At 4:00 pm, there will be concentration in Campo de Marte, located in Jesus Maria.

Citizens from other parts of Peru are also expected to protest, they added Congress On the same date.

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