Margit Schneider | Missing Peruvian Margit Schneider has been found dead in Israel, the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Israel | Hamas | Terrorist attack | the world

Her shy smile, her husband, her daughter, her grandchildren, her family, that tight smile overcame the horror. The portrait of those happy days was concentrated in those photographs, which fueled her desperate search, since the morning of last Saturday the 7th, when terror entered her kibbutz and abducted her; For her and her family.

Even though Margit Schneider didn’t come home, the smile is still there in those pictures. A Peruvian woman who disappeared after Hamas attacks in Israel was found dead with her husband, Yossi Silverman from Argentina.

Margit’s death is the third death of a compatriot since the conflict resumed. The Ministry of External Affairs reported the death and denied and denied any wrongdoing, expressing its condolences to the family.

“Mrs. The Government of Peru expresses its utmost rejection and rejection of the murder of Schneider and her husband and any act of violence affecting their lives. Likewise, my heartfelt and deepest condolences to his family and friends,” he noted on his X account.

Manuel Cacho-Souza, the Peruvian ambassador to Israel, said Margit’s sister told him the sad news. He pointed out that only two bodies were found, so four other members of the Peruvian family – his daughter, his son-in-law and his two grandchildren – were missing. The remains of our countryman, who has lived in Israel since the age of eight, will not be returned.

Peruvian soldier Brando Flores García died on Tuesday, October 10, three days after Hamas’s brutal attack on Israel, while serving in the country’s military, the Foreign Ministry said. It was also confirmed that national doctor Daniel Levy, who was initially reported missing, died while treating the wounded in an attack on a kibbutz in Biri.

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Cacho-Souza pointed out that no Peruvians have been reported missing in Israel and that no comrades have been trapped since the registration process began.

The Ministry of External Affairs has also emphasized Peruvians living in or passing through Lebanon are fleeing the region due to the dangerous security situation in the Middle East.

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