‘Mean Girls Day: Why is it celebrated every October 3rd and why do they wear pink? | Mean Girls | Rachel McAdams | Lindsay Lohan | tdex | | Answers

‘Mean Girls Day: Why is it celebrated every October 3rd and why do they wear pink?  |  Mean Girls |  Rachel McAdams |  Lindsay Lohan |  tdex |  |  Answers

‘Average Girls’Mean girls‘ known in Latin America, starred in the film Lindsay Lohan Y Rachel McAdams. The actress rose to fame after her role as ‘Regina George’. Despite its release in 2004, the film has remained in the times and minds of thousands of viewers who still remember the film. Find out below why October 3rd is ‘Mean Girls’ Day’ and what you can do to celebrate it right.

What is ‘Mean Girls’ all about?

Mean Girls stars Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert. The film is based on Katie Heron and after years of living in Africa and being homeschooled, she moves to America and experiences for the first time what it’s like to go to school. Therefore, the KD seeks to adapt to a new social environment; Along the way, he forms a special bond known as ‘The Plastics’ or the most popular group in school. Something that will change your life forever.

The story will create an interesting reflection on Caddy’s transformation, the problems she faces and self-recognition, sisterhood, personal process of growth and more.

Why is ‘Mean Girls’ Day celebrated every 3rd October?

According to the film, this special date is for the protagonist (Katie Heron) who mentions October 3 in one of the film’s most memorable scenes. Because? It was the first day her crush started a conversation with her. Here we leave you a tip:

What is the average Women’s Day tradition?

According to the film, it represents the golden age of ‘Mean Girls’ “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” Hence, thousands of fans around the world have agreed to follow the rule every October 3rd to celebrate or honor the film.

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Why Wear Pink Every October 3rd?

This ‘tradition’ is used as a way to celebrate this iconic pop culture film, honoring another reference to the film, in which famous women impose a series of rules, but one in particular resonates with audiences: “On Wednesdays we wear pink.”

This rule had to be followed to the letter every week and to stay in the most popular group. Of course, it was a joke for the audience to bring that fate to reality, and since then it’s Wednesday and October 3rd is a special occasion to show up in your best pink outfits. However; It should be noted that October 3 is enough to enjoy a bit of fiction in reality.

Why Are Mean Girls So Iconic?

The film has become a cult comedy in the early 2000s due to Tina Fey’s innovative script, great chemistry between the protagonists, iconic and funny scenes. Self-love and sisterhood at a time when both words were little known and promoted in the female gender. Thus, the film manages to be a clever social critique of the patriarchal and sexist system that women try to confront, making it an intellectual comedy with an unconventional message in its context.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we invite you to watch the trailer:

Famous Phrases from ‘Mean Girls’

  • It’s very fetching!
  • Regina George is perfect. He hit me in the face once and it felt good!
  • On Wednesdays we wear pink
  • You can’t sit with us!
  • Why are you so obsessed with me?
  • Lose! We will go shopping
  • Ex-boyfriends border on friends, they are like the rules of feminism
  • I’m sorry that everyone is jealous of me, I can’t help but be popular
  • My breasts tell me when it will rain
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Here you can find a collection:

Iconic scenes of mean girls

We leave you with two scenarios:


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