Mendoza added a high-tech aircraft to fight the fire: the government of Mendoza Press

After months of negotiations with the national government, an air tractor model AT 802 arrived in Mendoza to bolster the coffers of the provincial fire management program.

The Ministry of Energy and Environment added an important tool to the provincial fire management plan. After several negotiations with the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Environment of the country, today, the Air Tractor Model AT 802 aircraft arrived at La Puntilla Aeroclub.

The flight, which was dispatched by the National Fire Management System, comes at a key time of year when high temperatures and the potential for hidden winds from the Sunda increase the likelihood of fires in the province.

In this regard, Sebastian Melkor, Director of Renewable Natural Resources, assured: “The importance of this hydrant aircraft allows us to carry out aerial work in the first moments of the initial attack.”

Later, Melkor reinforced the idea that “as a result of the changes created by climate change in this region, due to the dangerous conditions in the province, the aircraft comes at a decisive moment to fight the fire.”

The Air Tractor Model AT 802 aircraft will operate under the orders of the Provincial Fire Management Program and will become another tool available to the Mendoza Province brigade personnel. It has high technology for fighting fire, capable of carrying about 3,500 liters of extinguishing agent (water), which can be refilled within 3 minutes.

In addition, it has a fully autonomous capability, as the ground and fuel supply equipment is carried along with the aircraft. Once aircraft intervention is requested, action is taken in coordination with ground personnel, who are trained in advance to perform their duties.

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