University: Fabian Bustos surprises, picks Piero Quispe's replacement for centenary

Universitario's Argentinian coach, Fabian Bustos, will be one of his favorites to replace the Peruvian 'Jewel'. Who is it about? We tell you.

Piero Quispe will not be part of the Universitario's centenary celebrations. | Libero composition

They knew they had to find a replacement at the Universitario Piero Quispe For the 2024 season, coach Fabián Bustos wants to test players who have been part of the merengue squad. Thus, a person who was champion in 2023 was chosen. Who are we referring to?

Let's remember that 'Galka' was a starter last season Carlos Campagnucci It's the trainer. Then he lost it by the visitation George Fossati. Even so, the Uruguayan coach has always used him as a substitute due to his effort and willingness to practice.

Horacio Calcadera became champion for the first time with Universitario in the 2023 season.

Calcadera He has been one of the best responders in the first weeks of the preseason for Cream's team. It's more. Didi Bustos praised him in a press conference, and he demands more than is required in every training session. He has also been incorporated in the midfield Rodrigo Urena and Martin Perez Guedes.

Horacio has signed a contract with the 'U' until December 2025. He returned in the previous season after 10 years.

Horacio Calcaterra and the teams he played for

  • Rosario Central (Argentina)
  • Trade Union (Peru)
  • Sporting Crystal (Peru)
  • University (Peru)

What is Horacio Calcadera worth?

According to the Transfermarkt portal, Horacio Calcaterra has a value of 350 thousand euros in the transfer market.

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