Mercedes Aráoz: “Martin Vizcarra betrays even his wife” | Interview | Provide

Mercedes Aráoz: “Martin Vizcarra betrays even his wife” |  Interview |  Provide

Experienced politician and economist without half measures Mercedes Arrows Analyzes the national situation. Dina Boluarte is clear and direct about the disastrous role of the current administration Pedro Castillo In power and bad personality ‘Lizard’ Martin Vizcarra. In this interview, Meche melts and shines.

TROME | Interview with Mercedes Aráoz

Meche, PPK recently released his book ‘Incomplete Task’ and talks about Vizkara’s treachery. For you, assuming power as a ‘lizard’ is a result of treachery?

No doubt. I lived it, realized, at the first attempt to remove the PPK, at the first vacancy, I sent him, he did not want to come. And when PPK was finally saved from this first vacancy poll, he didn’t go celebrate with us…. He wanted PPK to fall. Already in the second phase it was clear.

He also writes that Vizcarra has a ‘hidden personality’, what personality is that?

A liar, a traitor, loyal to no one.. And there are corrupt practices in it. That is, their interest is to have power to become rich. And a colossal delusion and utter liar.

In an interview, Vizcarra made fun of you, saying that he was the shortest president of Peru, because you lasted 5 minutes with the presidential band, what do you think?

The truth is, I don’t want to listen to that man because you already know how bad he is. I don’t normally talk about him. I did not wear the presidential sari because I assumed a position when the conflict was resolved. But it is unfortunate, Why should someone who is so lying and unfaithful cheat on his own wife and use it as a publicity stunt when he does ‘baby fiu fiu’.

You said you also dream of being president, is that true?

And what’s wrong with that? Let’s see, I don’t want to be president now, I don’t know when, but what’s wrong with being president? There is nothing wrong with wanting to serve the country as a president. And did he not seize power by trickery? I want to be president and one day if I run for it, I’m elected. But that’s not in my immediate plans.

Aráoz and Vizcarra came to power thanks to the PPK. They formed an intense friendship, but this was cut short by the famous Vizcara’s ‘betrayal’. (Photos: Alessandro Guarrino)

Over the years, how would you define Vizcara?

What he is: A liar and traitor. The badge (‘lizard’) suited him well.

After the PPK elections, after Vizcarra, Sagasti and Castillo came in, we are living in a time of uncontrollable political turmoil, why?

Because when PPK was removed Pandora’s box was opened. I find it easy to disrespect democratic institutions, remove leaders and shut down Congress. Democracy means: ‘OK, I lost the election, but how can I talk to that person so that we can reach an agreement together and is it possible for Peru to move forward?’

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I understand…

Shutting down a Congress is a totalitarian, totalitarian act. I don’t know why it wasn’t called a coup. What Viskara did was a coup d’état to shut down the Congress, but as the Left did, Kaviriata … LWhat Vizcarra did was similar to what Fujimori and Castillo did.

‘Incomplete Work’, PPK’s new book.

For that matter, why did Peru choose Pedro Castillo, who was not ready to rule?

Because the case against Peugeotism is so strong. I think some of the anti-fugimorists don’t realize they’re not just electing a radical leftist. Badly trained, and with a history connected to the Sendero Luminoso, but they were electing a corrupt man.

How much damage did Castillo do to Peru?

Very much. It infested the state system with the incompetent or the corrupt. It takes time to start over. It set us back.

Currently, why are there no leaders on the left, center or right?

On the one hand, We see many people entering to talk political companies who are not ready to be politicians. I think the reform without re-election, without the Senate, without improving the political parties, all the poorly done reforms have caused more damage.

You are connected to power, you know from the inside, why are former presidents imprisoned in Peru?

Because we have politicized justice. Hopefully at some point we can make changes and improvements in the judiciary as a system. Some people have good intentions, but when you use the prosecutor’s office or the justice system as a form of harassment for anyone who decides to participate in politics, you create executive paralysis. Cases like PPK have been investigated for 7 years and nothing has been proved. They ask for more time in detention, what is it? We criminalized public action.

According to Aros, PPK is unjustly placed under house arrest. (Photo: Alonso Cerro)

I understand that PPK is unfairly under house arrest for you.

Yes definitely.

What’s behind?

It started with a desire to annoy, on the other hand, with a desire to remove him from the political scene.

‘Moccasultos’ Congress

Meche, is this Congress the worst you have ever seen?

Yes, it’s terrible. They are fat peopleNot everyone, there are good ones, but generally there is a level. The thing where they ask for some money, ‘mochasalitos’, ‘kids’, what is this? I’ve never seen anything like it.

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There is a lot of dissatisfaction with Lima from the provinces. Is there a chance for a new Castillo or Andorra?

Yes, there are good and willing people in the provinces and I hope they will participate more in politics. I think we need to understand that politics should bring us closer to all people. Let’s not think that Lima is bad, but we should think that the benefits of economic growth were flawed in their implementation, things were not done. People could not exist as we do today without water.

What are the consequences of a weak democracy without leaders?

We were on the brink of civil warThank God we survived it, but we are in a very fragile democracy.

What do you think about the latest conviction? Vladimir Cheron?

Fortunately, justice is being served.

‘Tina has to make decisions’

Why didn’t Tina blend in with the people, despite being provincial and speaking Quechua?

You are afraid to make decisions. So, you don’t want to fight with anyone, you don’t want to take a firm stand on a relevant issue.


Because he has no party. She is alone. Because he wants it to last till 2026, because both the express and tacit agreement (with Congress) is to last till 2026, he dare not say: ‘Now, I want this agenda’.

Think we’re on autopilot?

No, on the contrary, in retreat, that is the danger. If it was autopilot… that’s more or less what happened to Humala, and he kept things moving forward.

Do ordinary people not realize where we are going?

Also, Dina complains all the time. She complains that they treated her badly and it’s wrong, and as a leader she has to give hope, and give hope: ‘Let’s get there’.

‘Dina is afraid to make decisions,’ says Aros.

It’s always been said that the center is a big vote, but do you think it’s moved a little to the left?

What is happening in the world is that it has become so polarized that we are going to extremes left and right. This center no longer fascinates any of us because what is happening is too emotional. In other words, people are no longer looking for ideas, instead they are looking for emotions.

For you, when is the election?

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No no no. Now, at this point in the game, honestly, in year 26. Early elections, why?

Do you think Dina can sustain herself until 2026?

It’s a very fragile balance, but hopefully.

What does it depend on?

I do not know. Will mishandling the child’s problem cause trouble for Mrs. Polwart? Yes. Is the economic downturn a big problem? Lack of formal employment is increasing poverty, creating precarious jobs, and the economy is not growing…

You are an economist, this year we are going to grow by 0.9 according to BCR estimates, with such low growth, what awaits us?

And poverty. That’s the sad part. People are going to feel it in their pockets. If inflation continues, the price of baby food will rise as… People are going to feel it. I’m surprised people have been so patient so far and not come out to complain.

Can an economic crisis topple a government?

I don’t know if it can be knocked out, but it can create social conflict and create problems and make management more difficult.

As an economist, do you recommend investing or saving?

If you have the resources to save, I think you can save, don’t waste your resources. Invest? Be careful, they are not dangerous.

“If inflation continues, because the price of baby food will go up… people are going to feel it.”

If the government asked you for advice, in short, what should they do to start the engines of the economy?

Private investment is essentialLGive them confidence to reinvest.

Do you accept states of emergency to combat citizen insecurity?

I don’t know what the purpose is of cornering soldiers who are recruited and trained to kill. We don’t know what the profit is from this. Does the truth scare anyone? They are children who can accidentally cause pain to a family. The police have other, more solid tools.

Finally, what awaits our country in the short term?

Waiting for you is a small pain of economic underdevelopment, because there is a nearby problem of a global child and it seems to be soft.

The President in a few words

  • Keiko Fujimori
  • Carefully.
  • Veronica Mendoza
  • Please don’t.
  • Rafael Belante Loza
  • smart
  • Andoro cares
  • Scary.
  • Roberto Chiabra
  • Ask others a little more.
  • Vladimir Cheron
  • I hope not.
  • Hernando de Soto
  • It was his time
  • Guillermo Bermejo
  • Really? No.
  • Carlos Anderson
  • He has no party.
  • Rafael Lopez Aliaga
  • He should keep his promise and remain mayor.

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