Minister Diana Morant praised the commitment to science and innovation working with A Proa de Ames.

Minister Diana Morant praised the commitment to science and innovation working with A Proa de Ames.

Whether in an election campaign or not, The truth is that becoming a minister is not the normAmaze. Although a large part of the corporation included attendance, it was the councilor and the socialist candidate, Plas GarciaSome of O Milladoiro’s shortcuts and, of course, the one who became his shadow on the whole route. L colleague work a proaWhere Diana MorantThank you for “Betting on Science and Education”.Their skill areas.

Thus, after greeting the inhabitants of the upper part of the great city of Ames, Morant took the opportunity to sign the official book and receive it from the President. A work commemorating his Mayan expedition. Before the auditorium, the first speaker was Blas García, who mentioned the entrepreneurs, local companies and industrial estates that make up this collective space. But he also highlighted the participation of young people in the event, especially the Instituto do Milladoiro, Remember they are “future citizens”..


Immediately the minister took the floor. It emphasized the importance of following the path of innovation and scientific activities “No train to the future should be missed”. In addition, he had an emotional memory of his family, taking advantage of the influx of students, as “my parents didn’t go to university, and neither did my grandparents.”

At that moment, and with a rueful expression, Morant looked back to remember that his grandmother “didn’t know how to read and write because no one taught her.” But he immediately regained his spirits to make it clear that in the nation where he was working “we have progressed as a country and today practically everyone can read and write”.

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