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Some may have been skeptical about the criteria for starting new seasons of a reality show.The Kardashians” (it was originally said there would only be two), which all indicate that the Kris Jenner-led clan still has a lot to offer entertainment lovers. This is proved by the premiere episode of the third season which is now available on Star Plus.

If the reality show’s first two seasons were anything to go by, and if Keeping Up With the Kardashians is any indication, it’s that some characters have almost completely disappeared.

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The likes of Caitlyn Jenner, Rob Kardashian, Kanye West, Scott Disick, and others have been left behind in this new TV alternative, so the focus is squarely on the sisters and their mother/agent, Kris Jenner. Although not always everyone has a majority role, especially Kylie and Kendall in second place.

In the first episode of season three The Kardashians, returning — and in style — Scott Disick. Apparently breaking away from his egotistical image, this time the businessman shines twice in the episode. With clan women always in the role of ‘sister’. His closeness with Khloe is evident, as well as – perhaps to a lesser extent – ​​with Kim Kardashian.

Of course, Scott is not just a physical presence. From his movements, masks and snappy jokes, to the way he ‘interrogates’ his ex-sisters, it’s interesting. Kim, looking at her indifferently, asks her if she is dealing with the consequences of ‘breaking up’, clearly referring to the end of her romantic relationship with Pete Davidson. “I’m not good with breakups,” the socialite replies.

Let this also help to talk about Davidson. The comedian – who appeared in moments from previous seasons – finally split from Kim after nine months of dating. When asked about it, Kardashian noted that she felt somewhat guilty because, in public, Kanye West (the father of her four children) held the comedian as a pinata for those nine months. He spread fake news and insulted every chance he got.

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“Pete suffered a lot because of that,” reveals Kim.

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Then, already in conversation with the product, the businessman wondered if he could give himself a chance to fall in love later. “I couldn’t stop thinking who would be with someone who had four kids and was over forty. Who is going to deal with so much drama? But the perfect one will tell me that it will come to him and that we will be happy no matter what. I’m waiting for that person,” he says.

Although her participation in this first episode of the third season started off a bit cold, it was only in the final episode that E! Judging by what we’ve seen in shows why she’s such a badass mainstay. Over a decade in broadcasting: It has everything interesting for an entertainment portal.

In a moving conversation with her mother and agent, Kim Kardashian admitted that her situation with Kanye was unacceptable. Although she divorced the rapper and music producer, he did not stop harassing her with false statements and disrespect. Although she has every opportunity to defend herself, she prefers to remain silent in favor of her children’s emotional stability.

“I don’t say anything about everything Kanye says about us. He’s made up some ridiculous stories. Now I take it for granted that whatever I write to you might end up on the internet. I shouldn’t say anything because I know the day my kids will appreciate it,” she teared up.

Following the said conversation, the business woman assures that Kanye was able to find a relationship with Drake while they were married! “He started this rumor that I was cheating on him with Drake and he said it publicly. The person who claims to be protecting me is accusing me of that,” she complains tearfully.

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With her mother’s support, Kim regrets being “trapped” in this kind of toxic tunnel with her children’s father. She agrees to put her father’s music in her car, but – as she admits – nothing saddens her more than hearing his voice. “When will this end?” he asks loudly.

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The drama takes a step to the side in this episode that also includes a series of revelations. Of course, not all is positive. Kourtney Kardashian had no luck with her first IVF attempts, so her plans to have children with Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker have taken other directions.

“In vitro fertilization took a toll on me emotionally. I’m still in pain,” she says at first. And then he says, freezing eggs isn’t the miracle many people believe it to be. “Freezing eggs doesn’t guarantee anything. People do it thinking it’s a safety net, and it’s not.” Finally, she seems ready to understand fate: “The most important thing is to be happy, to be a good mother. We realize that what must be will be.

However, none of this takes away from the businessman who continues to enjoy his sex life with Parker. At one point in the episode, the two are interrupted by the arrival of Chloe, who has to wait her turn to talk to her sister. It took 15 minutes when the newlyweds tried to ‘order the stork’. Something, apparently, was not achieved.

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From Khloé’s side, he faces a new drama with Tristan Thompson, a basketball player from the previous season, with whom he has a daughter, with whom he plans to have another through a surrogate, with another woman (again, the mother of the family and a businesswoman who discovers he’s been cheating on her). But this time love has nothing to do with health. They found a melanoma on the left cheek. The possibility that the result could be cancer keeps her on her toes, and everyone in the household shares the worry. In his own way, of course.

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Precisely about the latter, at some point the following idea floats into the heads of the sisters: they are used to being happy, successful and sharing everything together, but are they not ready to share sadness and depression?

More than the birth of her second child with the Los Angeles Lakers basketball player, Khloe’s health will be a topic of interest in the upcoming episodes. Currently there are two revelations about it. First: The baby is named Tatum. Second, Khloé still didn’t feel ‘connected’ to the baby that hadn’t come out of her womb (“It was like a transaction”).

“It’s just a matter of time,” says Scott Disick, who heard the revelation.

Finally, Kendall gives her sister Kylie free driving lessons in a 1997 Porsche in this first episode of the third season of The Kardashians. It’s a fun moment between the sisters, just like the one at the beginning of the episode. The whole family enjoyed ice skating with professional dancers. “We wanted to record a video clip. We choose to skate. Why not?” reasoned Kim Kardashian. After all, this reality is essentially ‘routine’: luxury cars, family get-togethers, beautiful mansions, food and healthy living.

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Summary: The family you know and love comes with a new series, giving them all-access permission in their lives. Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie bring the cameras to reveal the truth behind the headlines. From the intense pressures of running multi-billion dollar businesses to the hilarious joys of playtime and skipping school, the series captivates viewers with an honest story that takes the spotlight on love and life.

Original title: “The Kardashians”

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