Wages from the point of view of a socialist economy

The laxity of trained economists in government universities is due to the lack of academic rigor required by learning economic theory in all its applied fields. Lacking such bold knowledge, their respective professions succumbed without the shame such a brazen act would reflect.

These economists believe that by the simple fact that they carry a red card that identifies them as servants of the government’s political party, they can arrogate the confidence of being ignorant of the government’s economic activities. In particular, it relates to the rationality of the profession.

Their abilities to reason about the converging phenomena at the heart of anarchy-induced crisis show the fallacies they expose as economists. Mainly, when they are dictated by the wrong economic criteria. Apart from succumbing to an economic model designed at the behest of subverting democracy. National, regional, local, familial sentiments associated with traditions and Venezuela’s characteristic costumbrismo to the extent of displacing built structures.

The inability of their analyzes to address the political crisis afflicted by a repressive and repressive political regime goes hand in hand with the inability of these economists to navigate the regulations and rules that brought the national economy to the ground. Because of him, confidence in the national economy has been undermined. Its repeated inaction mistakes have led the country to find itself among the last in any international economic indicator that assesses achievements in economic affairs, democratization and administrative transparency.

The political reality of “gabriot”.

These economists seem to be trained under programs of study that do not require learning specific and decisive topics related to an incomplete economy. As is actually happening in an economy plagued by deficit problems. or in critical situations due to imperfect market mechanisms. Or hit by the problem created by inflation coupled with unemployment. Instability of the economy as a result of political dynamics. Wages in imperfect labor markets. Impact of Income Inequality. or to cases where poverty does not reduce inequality.

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If the country obeys the opinion of orphaned economists who demand the commitments of a government governed by democratic mandates, it is the answers to the facts that are currently plaguing and ruining the country.

“Talking” from a perspective other than “doing” is deeply contradictory. These two structures, when they collide with each other, create a disaster within all reality. Venezuela has not escaped the terrifying drama this conflict is creating. Not only in economic fields. The same has happened in politics. And even with a double effect, the victim and victim status is given at the same time.

Shattered Beliefs

On May 1, as usually happens more to populism than to causes of economic development and social development, the National Executive Committee sowed the working people of Venezuela. She was looking forward to a real increase in her salary.

By allowing a brutal game of compensating proportions, the regime believed it had met the economic need. He declared the basket-ticket and food bonus or “economic war” “code”. Or a reasonable dictionary of economics points to the aforementioned term: “It is the enhancement of the value of a currency to compensate for its depreciation resulting from an inflationary phenomenon.”

In other words, it is nothing more than a “one-touch escape” from the regime to avoid collecting the “indexed” amount in the worker’s benefits claimed at the end of each working period. In this way, the government, in its capacity as “employer”, seeks to keep the value of real wages stable in order to eliminate excessive accounting responsibilities.

This is common practice for any inflation system. Of course, the regime was judged by some economists to work in the best style of “merchant.” Thus, implementation of the economic restructuring program continues to be difficult. It must be said that such strict economic practice causes inflation. Or continue.

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In addition, the trend economic measures adopted by the usurping regime, thanks to economists sheltering in the darkness of political realities, avoid or remove from the face of the nation, verbally, the regime “affirming” distortions. “Act in worker’s safety,” it says. Well, according to the pro-government party, it is a “labour” government because its biggest beneficiary is a “labour”.

Everything turned out to be a disaster

As a result, workers of all ideological classes and from various functional strata of the Venezuelan state suffered a severe blow as they were not given the wage increases that inspired the beliefs and expressed demands of an important sector of the Venezuelan workforce.

What happened could not be different from what was lived, because the country is under a socialist-class state, where the absence of a salary considered for work leads to a bonus, which is understood as a “gift”. William Churchill referred to this as the “equal distribution of suffering,” which exposes a political system that is doomed to failure.

Precisely in the midst of the crisis the country was suffering from, the regime appealed to economists who lacked proper knowledge of economic theory. Therefore, they subjected themselves to the thoughtless service of an illegitimate state that sought to force Venezuela into a position characterized by poverty and barred from all manifestations of freedom, development and dignity.

These lines led to the mention of what was left of Venezuela’s salary. But analysis Wages from the point of view of a socialist economy.

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