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Ahead of the next world premiere of ‘Transformers: The Awakening of the Beasts’, Cusqueños celebrated with a course That is the Imperial City Starring in major international film productions. This time, for the Transformers saga, one of the main settings, Machu Picchu as its symbol, where The Autobots and Maximal face the Terrorcons to protect Earth.

Corso Cuzco had an ‘Inca Style Transformer’ for the re-enactment.

With dances, film adaptations, the Cusco Symphony Orchestra and other performances, the procession took place in Cusco’s Plaza Mayor and was cheered by adults, children and tourists alike.

Although the public said they expected more representative music from Peru and to see more robot models, it drew attention to the exhibition. An ‘Inca-style’ transformer sports gold earmuffs and maskapacha..

“Cuzco Reactivates Tourism” marched, “Peru, a safe country, Cuzco opens its arms to you”. It is an initiative to reactivate tourism and the economy, in partnership with companies, and the start of Cu’s jubilee celebrations.We want tourism not to be banned, to show the world that Cusco is peaceful and hospitable.”said José Nakamura was one of the promoters of privatization.

They celebrate that Cusco is improving its tourism and will be in the world’s eyes with the new film of the Transformers saga. (Photo: Nestor Larigo).
They celebrate that Cusco is improving its tourism and will be in the world’s eyes with the new film of the Transformers saga. (Photo: Nestor Larrico)

Cusqueños ‘give life’ to a new Optimus Prime

“There is already a craze for film in Cuzco, both because of its universality and because it was recorded here,” A young man said as he applauded the procession at the Plaza Mayor of the Imperial City.

In addition, it is also ‘giving life’ to a novice The highest priorityNestor Larico from Nueva TV Nacional shared via social networks.

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“Servicios Multicarga – Service and rental of crane trucks in the workshops of Rinox Industria Cusco and will soon be on the streets of Cusco”Larico said.

They celebrate that Cusco is improving its tourism and will be in the world’s eyes with the new film of the Transformers saga. (Catch: New National Television).

Kids are no stranger to the excitement that Cusco brings as part of the movie locations. For example, ‘Playing with the Sun’ was celebrated by many children from Kindergarten Elementary Education Day shows off their Transformer costumes.

Additionally, it was announced that ‘Transformers vehicles’ will be on view at Cusco’s Plaza Mayor on June 6.

Cuzco is celebrating in the eyes of the world with a new film. (Photo: Néstor Larico / Composers. Trome).

When will the film release and what will be the story?

The first look of this new film which they also call ‘Transformers 7’ Scheduled for June 8.

In the story of this hit story, the characters of Noah Diaz (Anthony Ramos) and Elena Wallace (Dominic Fishback) will be involved in a fight.Autobots‘Y’The Decepticons‘ and render Maximum, Predacons Y horrors.

I know that…

  • There are three ways to see the film in Cusco: June 3 (Avant Premiere), June 7 (Premiere) and June 8 (Premiere).
  • The new movie is Transformers: Rise of the Beasts It also includes footage recorded in San Martin.
  • They were filmed in Cuzco The Secret of the Incas’ (The Secret of the Incas) with Charlton Heston and Yma Sumac in 1954; ‘Queen of the South’, ‘Dora the Explorer’among others.
  • “History is being made at Machu Picchu. Experience the magic of @Peru in #Transformers: #RiseOfTheBeasts”., tweeted the official Transformers account.
  • This tab: Set in the 90s, the facts evoke and “Transformers” will act as a ‘prologue’ to the story.
  • History It will be Sequel to blockbuster ‘Bumblebee’ (2018).Will continue what was said there.
  • Except Peru, It was registered in the US and Canada..
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