MTC | After reaching an agreement with Corredor Morado, the community will resume operations from this Wednesday, March 6

Corredor Morado reached an agreement with the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Photo: LR Composite

He Representative of the Purple CorridorGerardo Hermoza announced that the service will return to its regular route after an agreement with the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC). In this way, he indicated that the Urban Transport Authority (ATU) for Lima and Cala will notify the transport companies that have taken this route. Purple Corridor This Wednesday, March 6, they will suspend their services for the return of filler runners.

We have an agreement with Ministry of Transport and Communications. “We are going to look at the issue of the law so that we can fix this contractual problem so that we can pay the concessionaires,” Gerardo Hermosa told reporters.

Along these lines, he pointed out: “We are asking the ATU to return to the area where these companies operated before, because tomorrow the Purple Corridor will resume its service,” he announced to reporters.

its owner Purple CorridorGerardo Hermosa also said that the payment schedule for the loan he maintains will be established with the new plan that Congress will publish on the MTC's proposal.

“The fee schedule will be as per the law, the president of the MTC has assured that the law will be in the Congress committee and they will go through a speedy process because of the situation experienced by the users who are experiencing the worst category. Traffic,” he noted.

At another point, Hermosa pointed out that the MTC promised to provide better ways to carry out activities on Apanke Avenue for the circulation of informal vehicles.

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“They are committed to providing operational improvements, for example, curbing the disposal of vehicles in warehouses and off-streets, as well as more activities on Apanke Avenue for informal vehicles,” he said. Sentenced.

What are the seven companies that travel along the Purple Corridor?

  • Route 404 (San Juan de Luricancho-Magdalena): Proceres (route 5303), Consorcio Roma (routes IO37B and OM 42), Transporte Huáscar SA (route IM26).
  • Route 405 (San Juan de Luricancho-San Ysidro): Luis Banchero Rossi (Route 8403),
  • Route 406 (San Juan de Luricancho-Acho): Consorcio Roma (routes IO37B and OM 42), Proceres (route 5303), Transporte Huáscar SA (route IM26).
  • Route 412 (San Juan de Luricanzo-Cercato de Lima): Virgen de Fátima SA (Route 2305), Transporte y Servicio Salvador SAC Company (Route 8214).

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