New amounts, payment date and what bonus available today May 14 to 16, 2024

The economic warfare bonus for public administration employees has already started disbursement, but the second special bonus is still pending.

Access the latest news on the Economic War Bonus and Second Special Bonus Payment for the month of May. | Photo: Libero Mix

Venezuela is facing a complex crisis, which is why the government of Nicolás Maduro continues to provide various financial aid to alleviate it. Thus, delivery for May 2024 The second is a special bonus and BOno increased against economic warfare.

War Bonus, May 2024: Commenced Payment of General Servants

Visit this Tuesday, May 14 War Bonus for Active Public Sector Employees with an amount of 3,294 bolivars through the Patria system.

War bonus for workers will be paid in May 2024.

Payment dates for the May bond against economic warfare

Every month, various cash grants are announced in Venezuela, with the Economic War Bonus being one of the most anticipated. The following dates will be dealt with in May, taking into account the days of delivery in previous months.

  • Economic War Bonus for Public Employees: May 14, 2024.
  • Economic War Bonus for Retirees: May 17, 2024. (TBA)
  • Economic War Bonus for IVSS Pensioners: May 20, 2024. (TBA)

When will they pay the second special bonus for May 2024?

Nicolás Maduro will announce the regime Official Payment Dates The second special bonus of this month is through its communication channels. Currently, the payment days are not confirmed, but the grant will arrive within the week May 13 to 19.

Who collects the second special bonus in Venezuela?

It should be noted that this economic bonus is given randomly to registered persons Home system, a platform enabled by the government to deposit financial support to various sectors of the country. To be selected you have to enter all your personal data like your address, phone number, full names etc.

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Second Special Bonus and Economic War Bonus for May 2024: Official Amounts

In May, country bonds will have new amounts depending on which group you belong to. The change comes after the announcement that the minimum comprehensive income will be raised to 130 symbolic dollars. Amounts awarded:

  • Economic Warfare Bonus for Public Employees: $90.
  • Economic War Bonus for Public Sector Retirees: $91.
  • Economic War Bonus for Pensioners: $32.50.

The second special bonus will continue to be 180 bolivars, which, as on previous occasions, has been awarded to various beneficiaries of the Patria system.

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