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Jose Adolfo Macias 'Fito''s leaderConeros', the largest criminal gang Ecuador And one of the most dangerous, after escaping from prison where he was serving a 34-year sentence, he was put into a bounty program to catch the most wanted criminals.

show'131 together for protection' from custody And armed forces of Ecuador The informant did not specify the amount to be withdrawn Nickname 'Fito'Authorities did not find him last Sunday when he was moved to his cell and placed in isolation at the maximum security prison.

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The government has not explained how 'Fito', one of the country's most dangerous prisoners who was sentenced to 34 years in prison in 2011 for drug trafficking, murder and organized crime, escaped.

However, according to the President Daniel Nobowa,”In the last two governments“prisoner”He went in and out like Pedro through his house“From prison.

The moment he finds out through a leak that we're going to move the heads of non-maximum security prisons and put them in isolation, the guy leaves.He said in a radio interview on Wednesday.

The Ecuadorian Prosecutor's Office A chargesheet was filed on Monday against two jail officials who allegedly escaped from the jail, 'Fito'. Guayaquil Regional PrisonAn openly controlled prisonConeros'.

His room was decorated with a television, internet modem and various paintings, evidenced by last year's police and armed forces raids to seize weapons and explosives held by criminal gangs inside Ecuadorian prisons.

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'Fito' escaped at a time when President Daniel Nobo's government was trying to launch a tough policy against criminal gangs, to isolate their leaders until two new maximum security prisons were built. Savior.

This is the second time 'Fito' has mocked Ecuador's prison system, which he also did when he escaped from prison in 2013. Rock prisonIn Guayaquil, he was recaptured two months later.

'Los Soneros' appeared in the 90s ZoneA city in the coastal province ManabiAnd they gradually gained power over drug-trafficking routes, particularly the smuggling of cocaine from Colombia, which was then transported by sea to Mexican cartels, according to police reports.

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According to the same authorities, they are now dedicated Drug traffickingThe ExtortionHe Attacker And this Arms smugglingAmong other crimes.

A series of prison massacres recorded in Ecuador since 2020 has been attributed to gang violence, with more than 400 inmates killed so far.

He was also included in the reward scheme along with 'Fito' Fabrizio Colon PicoAn alleged leader of a criminal gangWolvesRiobamba escaped with 31 other prisoners on Monday, the Attorney General said Diana Salazar He would file intimidation charges, assuming he might be behind the plan to attack her.

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