Noda visits Órzola with a commitment to boost the economy of the North

Nueva Canarias-Bloque Canarista (NC-BC) candidate for the presidency of the Cabildo de Lanzarote and La Graciosa in the upcoming May 28 elections, Oscar Noda, recently visited the town of Órzola in Haria. His port, which connects Volcanoes Island with the Eighth Island, has since announced his commitment to boost the economy of the North, among other measures, to make various improvements to this dock.

“The port of Orsola is a strategic port for the insular economy. It is the connection point with the eighth island. It moves 500,000 passengers a year and it is not in perfect condition”, Noda warns. For this reason, the Canarian candidate has announced that “as a candidate from Nueva Canarias to Cabildo, I will make my efforts to improve the conditions of this strategic port.”

Among Órzola’s other requests, which the Advisory Board of the Canary Islands Ports is already aware of, is the need to take measures to control fuel spills or to regulate the schedules of shipping companies, as their activity has increased significantly in recent years. Another important requirement is the limitation of noise pollution caused by companies operating at the docks, excluding mandatory manoeuvres.

In this sense, Noda points out, “Thanks to the amendments presented by Nueva Canarias in the Parliament, something has already been achieved in this legislature, through which the Government of the Canary Islands has been able to allocate 200,000 euros for an important investment item. Access works can be carried out precisely in this port.

The presidential candidate of the lobby referred to the amendments presented by the Canaries last December, which, at the request of the Government of the Canary Islands, allowed them to approve their inclusion in the general budget of the Canary Islands. 2023. The aforementioned 200.00 euros are allocated for the drafting of the future development plan of the port of Órzola. Noda explained that this was “a request of the city of Orsola and, in general, of the society north of Lanzarote.”

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The Canarian candidate for the Lanzarote Corporation warns that the port of Arsola is closely linked to the iconic activity of fishing throughout the Canary Islands, and that Lanzarote is in a very special way. “It is undoubtedly a process of weight reduction, seeing how the number of working families and the boats used have been reduced, but, on the contrary, in the case of Órzola the opposite: the number is increasing. The boats, in many cases with young sailor owners, we have to support as part of the primary sector of Lanzarote, ” he insists.

Nueva Canarias-Frente Amplio Canarista (NC-FAC) candidate for Haria mayor in next Sunday’s election, Marcos Lemes, accompanied Noda on his visit north of Lanzarote. “It’s an amazing port, with half a million people passing through it every year,” Lemmes said during a tour of the port’s facilities. The candidate from the Canary Islands is committed to continuing to offer more operational possibilities to the port of Órzola and of course improving connections with this important dock.

“We need to provide adequate public transport not only for the residents of Orsola city, but also for the municipality of Haria and the entire northern region,” he points out. According to Lems, it’s “the demand of the residents of Orsola to transport us every day, so we have to provide it with 100 percent decent public transport.”

Fishing and commercial port

It should be remembered that on March 2, during the last debate on Canarian nationality, the Nueva Canarias Parliamentary Committee was able to move forward with one of the 46 resolution projects submitted by Canarian members to the Canarian Parliament. Islands, the autonomous government initiates the process of considering the port of Órzola as a fishing and commercial port.

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“The aim was to provide continuity to the operation of 18 boats with the forecast of 20 boats soon to be formed with 22 families working at the Órzola docks operating in this port,” remembers Marcos Lemes. National Spokesperson for NC is Luis Campos.

“The port of Orsola must be transformed into a modern, sustainable port of the 21st century, which significantly improves the economy of the northern region and, in turn, the economy of the island of La Graciosa, but whose commercial activity involves coexistence with fishing activities”, comments Marcos Lemes.

The northern mayoral candidate expressed his satisfaction that “the only people who put Haria’s name on the table of the Parliament of the Canary Islands” are “only Canarians for this issue that affects both”. The type of Órzola port and non-legal proposal (PNL) was unanimously approved by the Parliament, so that the Mala health center will soon implement a 24-hour health service “, which saw the green light but which until now from the Insular Health Management “they do not know or do not want to implement”.

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